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(Formerly appleofmyeyes, but the Senate Judiciary nefariously took it down to cover up Kavanaugh's crimes, which I. Tweeted to them FOR CONSIDERATION!) 

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I love craft-making, Sewing, Crocheting. Painting..but 


PATRIOTISM πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²❤️

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 Jeff Sessions πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² Best Attorney General Ever πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² Colin Powell-Would have been Best US President in History πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² Rex Tillerson πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² Erroneously fired by Trump in a tweet to help Dirtbag Mike Pompeo get emergency immunity by hijacking his position (General Soleimani was murdered by military who were given the order by CROOKED PRESIDENT TRUMP - now being replaced by CROOKED JOE BIDEN - US MILITARY should STAND DOWN to orders from WASHINGTON WHITE HOUSE because the country is being hijacked by crooks, like GERMANY was by NAZIS; Ambassador Du Wei had an UNTIMELY DEATH - probably killed by a CIA heart attack gun!) πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²James Mattis - stood up to the corruption via military because NO SOLDIER WANTS TO BE LIKE A NAZI SOLDIER, following evil, unconstitutional orders! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²John KellyπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²Former Chief Of Staff, devoted to Duty Of Office, unlike TRUMP, who fired himπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²Mike FlynnπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²Former NSA who developed substantial list of ELITE PAEDOPHILES/PERVERTS/SATANISTS, 

All  these upstanding cabinet members and Staff were erroneously fired By Trump and Trump attempted to ENTRAP General (ret) Mike Flynn to 



#WeNeedJustice #September11 

4/23: update.



Writes amazing articles on @Medium


"If the US cannot have something, it will make every effort to deny it to others and the idea that a former superpower rebuild itself on resources out of Uncle Sam’s reach meant that Washington and its allies had to act."


I viewed my blog and the link is this: 

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Update 5/6/2021: you can search FallonTalon Scotty Kilmer - and you will see my blog at or near the top of the list. I just realized this. 


V E N T I N G 1 0 1 


My current court case includes an appendix I submitted of 300 pages 

I've had it with the corruption in this state!  It took 4 years to get moved to a Section 8 Housing.  They're supposed to process first come, first serve, but haven't. 

I was illicitly arrested at the University of New Haven. Police waited for me to get on campus and made up such a fictitious story, even the Allingtown fire chief knew it was ludicrous, based on my experience talking to him personally. They forced him to retire! They didn't want to allow him to be an expert witness! And they delayed trial for 2 YEARS, violating laws to dismiss the case if it's not heard in a year's time. In 2008, I made the mistake of sending a long typed letter to Richard Blumenthal, who I did not realize was a career criminal, and then Attorney General for the state. I cited laws and rules. I showed the court document which reflected I was charged on 6/6/2006 for Reckless Endangerment and I proved the arrest was illegal. They erroneously changed beyond the statute of limitations to: 

 Breach Of Peace when there was NO PUBLIC PLACE I was in! I mailed a harmless package to the university President. Little did I realize they were so Corrupted. 

Mailing a package involves the feds if these two-bit cops decide to target someone for dirty politicians. 

They just didn't want to include the Feds regarding the mail I sent because it would have been dismissed and no doubt heads would roll because of the entrapment, erroneously kicking me off campus, and framing themselves as part of ORGANIZED CRIME. 

The crooked officer and crooked prosecutor accused me of sending a harmful package to the university president several days before they arrested me. Make sense? 

I went to campus just to pick up my text book! The bookstore was located in the same building as their campus police. It was all rigged and they are so used to being crooks they will say anything and get away with it because this system is so corrupted at every juncture! The supervisory prosecutor Lawrence Mark Hurley was EMBEZZLING money out of the courthouse on a regular basis, forging checks by using a chemical to remove ink signed by the Issuer! 

An attorney who was a member of the prosecutor union, which Hurley was treasurer of FOR MANY YEARS discovered it and began a prosecution against him because Hurley was even EMBEZZLING the union money!  No doubt Kevin Russo helped cover it up and because of his long-standing corruption was rewarded with a judicial position! 

 The court claimed Hurley was a victim of circumstances, and Prosecutor Russo nefariously picked up where Hurley left off on my case. I told Russo there was no merit to the case - the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS EXPIRED. 

Blumenthal stepped in to conspire with Hurley and all the other pay to play dirtbags, illegally altering my case because I'm a targeted person - the crooked insiders are enemies within, traitors to this country - yet look where Dirtbag Blumenthal is now, abusing more power. AND he's a publically-known paedophile, which is one of many reasons why the US Supreme Court promoted paedophilia right in public! I submitted a Petition to remove them all! The ones who have been replaced were obviously replaced with more crooks! For instance, Brett Kavanaugh, a Skull & Bonesman Secret Society member like Bushes and Clintons,  frauded the Vincent Foster murder case - it was all there in black and white on a video made by one of Kavanaugh's peers who was outing him - that's why they got CIA operative Christine Ford of Stanford University to lie about "Kavanaugh raped me" when it was one of many sex orgies she had with him as part of a Devil's Triangle ritual. That video was taken down by YouTube! I didn't have the means to download it or I sure would have! It's a shame it doesn't show anywhere else. I expect those who could did download it. The Senate hearing was such a sham that people in chat, not even knowing what a fraud Kavanaugh was, or Christine Ford was a CIA operative, claimed the hearing was not professional, even ludicrous! And Christine Ford was AWARDED CIA money through GoFundMe, a nefarious account created by CIA man Rod Solomon, who was a History Major at Stanford, never got his degree, and paid someone to do his homework! Yet he (probably a transgender and obviously a transhuman who is chipped) claimed he couldn't type well as his defense for not submitting his own work. They made him an attorney in Washington DC! They let him write a HUD add-on to Section 8, MTW Program (which is a term referring to Man To Woman transgenders) which they claimed meant Move To Work = WTF. What poor people can afford to move to work? Yet they help buy people LOCAL houses, and more! All rigged to reflect "The Ends Justify The Means"! It even offered to pay off FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS at the cost of TAXPAYERS! They claimed I was part of it and YOU HAVE TO OBEY. I said, I'm disabled, get off my back, you crooks! 

This corruption has followed me all my life, stemming from almost being murdered in a town that supported a sex trafficker, Roger Huck. I told him to leave me alone, he was a pig. My father said I did the right thing. 

The local housing authority tried to help the landlord evict me for no valid reason but I won the case because obviously there are good people who shadow my life and supported my rights in court by demanding the judge do his job and stop conspiring with the nefarious actions of the landlord, which uses a Delaware-registered NON-PROFIT, MEPT,  to file an eviction case against me! They have even claimed to be part of the church community, yet proselytizes SATANISM, which is TERRORISM.

.....One year past the statute of limitations and the Court's refusal to abide by it's own laws, Richard Blumenthal gets them to adduce THREE charges, TWO of which were Breach of peace, which is automatically Double Jeapordy. At that time, there were mainly good state troopers in this state (prior to the criminal operation of Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting HOAX, nobody died and Adam Lanza wasn't even a real person. The alleged adults were given an Obama Crime "Stipend" aka #PayToPlay and Obama raked in over a trillion dollars from frauding the economy, all centered on this hoax! See "Unraveling Sandy Hook" with Sophia Smallstorm, for starters.) They investigated the courthouse and found tens of thousands of dollars which Hurley stole in just three years, yet the court refused to allow more investigation in all the 19 years Hurley was there - after all,his daddy was a former governor here in Connecticut, I think. The court reduced all charges (approx 100) to ONE COUNT Forgery, ONE COUNT Larceny! And, they allowed him to reapply for his law license!   


Insert 5/25/2021

Articles on Former Prosecutor AWARDED for his 

 *Records Fraud



Prosecutor Lawrence Mark Hurley 


Career Criminal - awarded with

Administrative Leave With Pay! 

Originally Arrested on well over 20 counts of embezzlement by CT State Police (many resigned because the corrupted Governors wanted to change the platform to prepare for the SANDY HOOK Shooting HOAX in December 2012!) - Hurley was PROVEN to have stolen almost $100,000  in 3 years - yet the corrupted court refused to allow for more audits and altered the case to just ONE count misdemeanor - Larceny, and ONE count misdemeanor Forgery! 

They removed the more substantive articles! And this corrupted prosecutor was interested only in the lawsuit I had against the Town Of Lyme, NY 

 when I was illicitly arrested at the University of New Haven! 

Reason: he wanted to steal my money! I told him it was none of his business, emphasising I was illegally arrested, police forced me in a psyche ward, had me ganged raped after reporting a young man attempted suicide like he said he would do, but Dr. Helen Savage just said, "You just like the food here" ...the hell that I've been through only results in more hell! 

   Kick me when I'm down! 

   Please, Patriots, stand up to these irrupted infesting insects who are ENEMIES WITHIN! 

My phone is powering down. Gotta go 5/25/2021 






Picture in the article is NOT Hurley, a cover-up image. Hurley lived in Seymour area. 


Connecticut rewards the crooks! 


Corruption masked over as a "psyche crime" - what bull$hit!  They hijack this country! Connecticut is where Bushes, Clintons, and many more enjoyed learning how to be domestic terrorists and getting away with it! 


"De-registered, even criminally charged and jailed psychiatric professionals can skip states, even countries and continue practicing." 


It wouldn't surprise me to find out he uses aliases! 


A 25-yr old young man by the name of William Dong was illicitly arrested by spineless police and the lying media hyped it up with more lies. When I saw that the University Of New Haven outright gave a HOMELESS WOMAN $23,000 for reporting she saw William Dong point a gun at her, I did all I could to help him, despite being poor! I asked their attorney why he considers it okay for the University of New Haven CT to outright give the homeless woman $23,000 when the case was far from being disposed of, as MERITLESS as it was, and all that whimp said said was, "It's none of my business" I was really angry! I said "Of Course it's your business! Your William's Attorney!" He was a PAID, Private Attorney! His parents remortgaged their home to help their innocent son!  These spineless dirtbags need to be taken out of society! They even created a federal case against William, charging the same damn thing, which also is Double Jeapordy. No one can be charged the same offense for the same case - be it two different courts or the same court - but they had a free for all anyway! This young man who had no criminal record, was forced in prison for over a year because they set the bail so he his parents couldn't afford it! I hope that family sued this state for many millions of dollars!

   I sent a DM to Jimmy Fallon's Fallon Tonight on Twitter to let him know what I did and let me know if he had a problem with it. I also promote SCOTTY 😎 Kilmer because he likes to help car owners. Neither blog is monitored and not monitized, ad-free. I don't take comments on them either. Anything can be copied. I plan to create an alphabetized Table Of Contents for the newer one once I have time. I work so hard on my rights because

 this is the corruption that has ruined my life, my dreams, my aspirations. And they are destroying many more people with the same tactics. 

LVNV Funding is owned by Sherman Companies and are like ENRON was, crooked! Their aim is to inflate the nefarious billionaires worth! Not the good billionaires, like founder of Best Buy. His wife had an UNTIMELY death in 2001 - no doubt for the September 11 planners to keep him preoccupied so they don't get caught! They used internet as their primary weapon. explains in a professional manner.  


No public gunman/shooter incident should be used for promoting: 



   Stealing people's money

      And more! 

FIND OUT who organized the obvious MIND CONTROL OPERATION - those people have been using this tactic since CIA-man Obama was President! 

WAKE UP! They want to take away our right to DEFEND! They are making people to be weak, submissive! 

Churches that use these incidents to promote their agendas and don't give a rat's a$$ about JUSTICE are useless! They don't care about fixing, they care about feeding 


Promote Justice! September 11 was caused by Americans who keep the corruption going in #PayToPlay scandals! 



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