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UPDATE 10/17/2021 




(Formerly appleofmyeyes, but the Senate Judiciary nefariously took it down to cover up Kavanaugh's crimes, which I. Tweeted to them FOR CONSIDERATION!) 

This blog has over 220 blog posts - all should be listed in TOC



   under construction... 


    Note, I only made minor changes to the document before printing last time so I didn't proof it due to time factor. A hacker altered some areas, particularly on the page that gets stamped in.I may just omit that

section in a letter on errata. There are a few others as well. They added "not"  blocked where I complained the court blocked me from e-filing after I registered. I've already said this information before but what they do is give it to another judge who could give a crap about the case and just reads the motion. In preparation for that, plus constantly fending off hackers, I repeat information. I will post my errata here asap. 

7th and 6th Line from the bottom of page is where a hacker deleted segments. They were doing that to me repeatedly as I was typing. Like swatting flies, I kept using the curved arrow to place my text back. Such depraved sociopaths cannot be trusted and they are the ones who should be homeless - or better yet, in prison facing justice! 

I have to finish later. I need to get going. 

I just posted a few and was knocked out of my blog and forced on a Google News streaming. aka CRAP 

They deleted my photo of the moron's one page Motion To Dismiss Counterclaim, so I will have to get back with this. 


Repeated because the prior one is darker. 


See the disclaimer at the bottom of the COURT DOCUMENT? WTF

So now their lying a$$es are using another trick - blocking my uploading. 

Because of the LED lights, they can manipulate how the photo comes out. It's 8:37pm - my cursor moved so this page comes AFTER the next one. 


They distort the meaning of "Out Of Many, One" just like they do with Pro HacVice, which means Allowed One Time Only #FumDucks 

 6/12/2021: find hearing in audio 


Update 7/9/2021

@truthstreamnews Guess Who owns PayPal now? Corrupted #SynchronyBank that has existed for 100 years. They were NEVER GE Money, which purchased 80% of their stock,got burned by their corruption, said you're on your own, selling them accts corrupted by mgr, who bc CEO.  

UPDATE 4July2021 

8:52 pm 

Re: Voicemail from Gatlinburg Police Sunday, July 4  8:00pm 

I sent ONE letter with "no reply expected"  regarding my belief my niece's home was bombed by CRiMINAL ACTIVITY on May 29, 2021. 

They call me on a SUNDAY NIGHT - tonight -  when mail isn't even delivered on Sunday. 

She tells me it's about receiving continuous letters from me. I only sent one, with 'no reply expected' so something nefarious is going on. Most likely stemming from my uncle,CIA man probably. And his son is probably deep into it as an IT expert. Crimes in plain sight don't count. He stalked me at the building I live in rather than call or write like a decent person. Other people in my life have done the same thing. Obsessed with exploiting me, adding drama, engaging the public I walked away.  

I won't accept threats by police. I'm not returning the call. 

I can't attach this 90 sec video bc Gmail claims it's too large even though I've attached 2min to emails with no problem.

I will probably have to post the recording here:

I only sent the Gatlinburg Police One letter. So their voicemail already reflected nefarious intent by accusing me of numerous letters. For a detective to lie like that also reflects lack of care investigating the truth. That's my impression. 


The third Podcast was created. 
Podcast Note 4July2021

#3 - I consider this an EVIL NECESSITY to fight the evil that is destroying USA.

1. My niece's home exploded - why? More shared in links     

2. I was notified by anonymous letter over two weeks later, very creepy! The letter is posted in my blog,

 3. I took action right away, making calls to the city. I sent the same letter to a number of people, including the Gatlinburg police. 

4. Ten days later -

   Maybe it was NINE days later!

today, July 4, 2021 - police called me, leaving a voicemail, which is in this podcast and WHY I created the podcast.  A poem I wrote and addressed to my niece's husband with the Gatlinburg police, but can't mail it to them because of a threatening detective:  

There is no gain from Loss -
Less is not More -
Your heart is torn -
Nothing is Born  -
You can only bear 
And go on -
Beyond  the pain. -
Rain can heal  if you feel -
And deal with Why -
By funding Truth -
By resting in Truth -
Knowing this Way - 
May relay definition -
To your Mourn. 

NOTES:     THERE'S NO VIRUS. A virus is actually an immunity created by our bodies. All of this is fake. I appreciate why some people will not speak out it is fake, but don't feed the beast to act like it exists. These are unhealthy times.  

In my opinion, the deadly bioweapon was created in North Carolina, taken to WUHAN, yet intercepted by Intelligence! 

They did not want war! 

So they replaced it with a placebo expecting Bill Gates, et al to realize 

"they ran out of ammunition" and end the Satanic charade 

   Yet it seems they relied on their Satanic AI to tell them what to do next...create a fake detection so people who aren't suck are "diagnosed" with , 

   Oh, we need to rename it to make it more marketable since CORONAVIRUS is just the flu, and that is what it is but we can rename it - after all, we're WHO ...

      Who knew?  We now have COVID 19, to celebrate the 19 years after September 11 mass murder by American SOCIOPATHS!  

Search Dr. Palevsky 


Death Rate hasn't changed          -------  

15Aug2021 - but this source has.It appears Macrrotrends is compromised. 

Further references:






g. WHO ELSE HAD THEIR HOME BURNED? Who Killed Beloved MLK?   His house was burned down, they got a "lone crazy" to stab him and if he sneezed he would have died from hemorrhage, and he was constantly vandalized, threatened. Those who said they don't know who would kill #MartinLutherKing lied 

    This is all I can come up with at this point that is pertinent to this Anchor account. I'm very tired and indeed sick and tired of the sociopaths that suffocate this country! Thank you.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Explosion of niece's home NINE days after my hearing #PayAttention


Updated info on blogposts here:  

Also reference, original  blogpost I made during the Q-quaratime for the PLANdemic:.

The judge's juris number is now marked as INACTIVE 

There are other significant things, such as the Stillman Law Office withdrew their registration as a business in Connecticut - so why the hell are they still 'playing house' in the courts? 

I will be updating my current Affidavit. It's modified. I haven't entered it in court yet but will Monday. The update will show once I get some problems worked out of my laptop. Hopefully Today. 

     6/18/2021 update before you see the motion entered, which is a small piece of the corruption, and bear in mind this blog could be hacked! I recall pasting my MOTION TO OPEN, Not the piddly Motion For hearing by phone! 

Sound Of Silence 

    That's where my head is today! From all the corruption I've experienced in courts, by corrupted attorneys!
    Will the House rise by the sun exposing the corruption? People only need to open their eyes! This affidavit has a Disclaimer it only applies to CA residents. Ima resident of New England! Affidavits can't have disclaimers! The notary shouldn't have signed it even! The notary could be fake! 

People steal notary stamps to make fake documents! It happened to Lori - for those who know me better,they know who Lori is. She just got injured again from an obvious rigged accident, picking up debris in her front yard to make it safe for her kids! She wasn't at work yesterday. 

6/24/2021 - I got an anonymous letter from "me", the same word the female Attorney used to describe herself at my hearing  - because the corrupted Attorney also was illegally used as an expert witness! 

   The letter left out my nephew who is that niece's oldest sibling. Robert. Is he safe? His brother Michael died two months ago - probably suicided! They said he got a blood infection and died - no particulars! Whoever sent the damn letter only wants to allude Robert is next! I haven't seen him in over 2 decades. My sister was not encouraging her kids to write back - and that's how my other siblings were. Whatever! I am devastated that this story turns out to be true! Her daughter had just turned 18! I bet their home was attacked with laser weapons! I wrote a letter and included copies of documents that reflect how deliberately corrupted the courts are here! Right in plain sight! And they kill people like mafia to intimidate the survivors! Also to frame survivors! Jeffrey McDonald was a doctor in Florida, a captain in the Reserves. He was public about the lack of drug enforcement in the Army, despite the VS coming from Reagan, then Bush - about their anti-drug use programs! Bill Clinton is GW Bush's half brother! GHW got a woman pregnant same time GW Bush was conceived - probably by a different woman - not Barbara Bush,who was probably a transgender - Alex Crowley was her father!  The SATANISTS have been doing all they can to murder, cause mahem - using the NAZI excuse that it's a New World Order! 

Look up Annie Jacobson on YouTube. She AND OTHERS have explained how USA allowed over 650 NAZIs - 350 were mass murdering scientist - to USA so they wouldn't be executed! 

I will share my letter here asap. Maybe today. I spent a while getting some copies mailed yesterday. 

UPDATE 7/2/2021 - more Vandalism so I am putting this letter back on my door:

June 23, 2021


This is no "Christmas Letter". It is my plea for awareness. 

Picture a collapse of a high-rise that is structurally sound, and yet the public believe what mainstream media reports, which covers up the real cause. Sound familiar? It should! That's just what happened when the World Trade Center Buildings were imploded by CIA and other members of the Satanic Underground - all polluting society, including raping Society of opportunities to correct what's wrong. 

Internet is a weapon for Technocrats. Even buildings can be weapons for beureaucrats - and as Cold Fusion and Really Graceful report, properties are being purchased by large corporations, still salivating over their NWO agenda, even though they made asses of themselves with the WUHAN agenda going sour because the bioweapon was secretly seized and replaced with a placebo called Flu - this the reason patients "infected" were turning up as CORONAVIRUS patients. The depraved Technocrats then turned to their Satanic Computer to find out what to do next - and voila, CORONAVIRUS was renamed COVID-19 -- 19 years after September 11! They frame themselves! Refer to Corbett - James Corbett professionally articulates the demise of USA and we only have USA to thank for it -- their spreading corruption globally won them the Un-Nobel Peace Prize! I gave specific reason why I am writing this letter now - and will keep a master list of who I send it to. Typing just seemed too impersonal. 


It's not the tool, it's the TOOLMAKER! They are far from professional and keep recycling themselves! Look what happened to Huawei when they successfully created a tablet that was equally as good as 🍎 Apple's iPad yet for half the cost! They planted people,they paid off people - to get Huawei's codes. The element of trust has been greatly undermined by depraved sociopaths who should be banned from internet, not run it! Bill Gates tried to use the internet Society to push for singularity and even create their whole new world order,claiming internet is a separate place when all it is - is a sophisticated means of communication! 

And now, is created to push the same thing, self-governance! Their group should be taken down and given a warning to members - you provide a SERVICE, you don't own people's devices! You can't manipulate people! 


....I will finish this in a little while..  

Mind Control has been implemented on many platforms: through religious freaks who even get their congregation to commit suicide in the Congo; David Koresh, and more. And who set up Pastor Jones and Koresh, et Al? Most likely they hand handlers. 

Annie Jacobson and others have created informative videos about the USA taking in at least 650 NAZIs and 350 were scientists. John Podesta is son of Josef Mengela and Rod Rosenstein is son of Heinrich Hunker - they are just a few examples! 

What breaks down good families the most? Navajo Nation Channel reflects Grandfather Wally - and as a tribute to Father's Day he said GOSSIP is the single most destructive element in society. And it can start right in the home. Siblings gossiping about siblings as a way to feed their narcissism, which developed by social rewards. 

Just look at how this behavior and other depravity has crippled society! There is a human attraction to secrets, which needs to be positively addressed rather than feeding the BAD WOLF, as the STORY OF TWO WOLVES has so well described. My father would often say as a solution, "Don't feed into it, walk away". His tolerance resulted in being VICTIM to his own offspring! Sabatoging him, saying he wasn't worth anything anymore, so let's kill him! 

Tennessee Home Explosions

Family of Police Officer Robert Frederick

I just found out my niece's daughter and (my) brother-in-law, her father, were killed in a house explosion. Her brother Michael was already dead, from a supposed blood infection, two months prior. Here's the letter I got yesterday! The anonymous described as 'Ne' was the same way the crooked female Attorney described herself as an appearance in the remote hearing of a Fraudulent Connecticut attorney firm that appeared as Pro Hac Vice, which is illegal! The corruption is rampant in the Connecticut Courts, but it's just not here (which I have never considered my home like I did in the Midwest) because I went through hell in New York State, almost being murdered by a sander truck driver (20 tons) with a spotter after I told a town sex trafficker to leave me alone, he was a pig. My father said I did the right thing! Yet  the trauma from that "accident" and the deliberate lack of care/negligence by the multimillionaire Attorney who took my case when I was in a coma in ICU, caused me not to want to drive 40 miles (should be 40 minutes) to the loving church we got so much support from and literally forced me to be a part of an overall callous, deceptive Community which tore apart family relations - certainly by the choice if siblings who expected me to die, then to "win" the "lottery", and could have cared less about the truth and my need for recovery. I was hospitalized 3 1/2 months, on crutches 3 months - and was pressured while still on crutches to go out, meet guys, enjoy time - off from work! Like it was a vacation! They were already sick of my talking about almost being murdered and I wanted to know who messed with my brakes and why Perry Hyde slammed into my vehicle on my side of the double lane highway. I got no answers. 

To be continued. ...this letter is not finished typing.  

I got no help. I got no support - they just said I had to be obedient to the attorney, who already proved to be a liar, a self-serving jigalo! And my father found out that his brother paid a hitman to kill the President Of Chile just because he wouldn't sell Pepsi in his country! 

The NSA is not doing its job - they are abusing power and helping CIA! They undermine our country. They create unnecessary black ops on situations which just need diplomacy! 

My life has been ruined by this corruption! I lost hooeand can only wonder-what's next? 

My nephew died of a blood infection 2 months ago according to the anonymous "me" - no mention where - most likely where he had a house and his father moved into after my sister died in 2018, on 4/23 -- the same damn date the depraved morons signed a fake Affidavit just after I submitted a Petition to "Remove Trump Now" - his murdering General Soleimani was the straw that broke the camel's back! And yet the Republican Party protect this career criminal - obviously to preserve GREED, ABUSE of Power. They are cowards!Far from being righteous! 

We need solutions! 

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Enclosures - I will try to attach them all here.

See attached - no reply expected 

Don't let them sinc your internet devices!  SINGULARITY and more is explained by Corbett Report! 

Use different accounts. Keep the rob-bots out as much as possible. 

There are more, please bear with me. 

Please check page numbers, may not be quite in order...I will continue anyway

15Aug2021: I just enlarged all photos to make them more legible and they were reversed. This took a long time and I saved it to no avail. πŸ˜’

DEFENDANT'S TIMELINE was amended only - they frauded records and named No. 103 as AMENDED ANSWER AND COUNTERCLAIM, which was FALSE! 
I keep uploading the document but the hackers block it! 

I have to recharge my phone and then will finish in about an hour. 
2:25 EST is current time 

Resume hereπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ€ŽπŸ’œ♥️πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ€

This concludes the letter I mailed. 

I believe my niece's home was hit by laser weapons and her father and daughter were murdered! 

I would send this to Sundar Picai ♥️ at Google, if I knew his address too! 

Thank you for your understanding.  I can't think of anyone else's email  to share this with - or I would! Especially Queen Elizabeth II πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™

White Man is speaking with forked tongue! If you give me public attention, it will defeat the purpose, because these Dirtbag Narcissists love to draw attention, and use excuse, "See, she wouldn't be famous if it weren't for me" Dr. Sam Vaknin emphasizes that and much more. I had my own business The Shack - a fast food and gameroom for kids to hang out. They even named the store. I was young, trying to make due with what I had. I thought I was getting $33,000 which was much less from a lawsuit filed by Frederick Kendall when I was almost killed by a town sander truck 1/5/78 in upstate NY. My story is somewhere on my blog, and - I don't take comments
I found out I was only getting $21,000 - so I tried to revoke my purchase offer. Bob Wiley said he and David Wiley would sue me if I did! My father said, They can't do that! I said, I just went through hell from a dishonest Attorney, so they obviously can do as they please! I want no harm to come to you because of the choices I make.  

My father was killed by my siblings, a paedophile priest, the Martin Marietta couple who refused to hand over POA when I got down there! They obsessed about killing my father behind my back! Resenting my leaving my job and driving across the country to help him, when THEY drove him out of town, even packed him, fully knowing he was seriously ill! Not giving a crap when I called and told them not to do that, to help him! 

I thought my brother was remorseful, saying he was coming down to help me get him in a nursing home. 

He even bragged he came down to make him die, as a spiritual experience, when I had no legal rights. Police laughed at me when I called to help him because he was killing my father, who had been a police chaplain in that area for 4 years before moving to Florida. 

Please hold the corruption accountable  - thank you! 

I try to post pictures on my blog but they have been BLOCKED. I will keep trying.

It finally worked 6/28/2021. 


Pursuant to Sec8-1 and Sec 24-1, and any other rule which applies, defendant motions this court for trial by telephone as apposed to trial by video. 


Plaintiff submitted a fake bill dated in 2015 to the court regarding outstanding balance allegedly owed to LVNV Funding, which is owned by Sherman Companies. Though Pamela Johnson is an attorney, she fails to sign documents as an attorney and without a Juris Number. She also signs documents as Pamela Sherman, which defendant has presented to the court upon research of this company's activity.

The motions which plaintiff submitted into court with no response, except "denied", even though evidence was produced forthwith. 

Aforesaid SMALL CLAIM was assigned a civil case number, not being a civil case, and the court has told the defendant, Pro Se, that all SMALL CLAIMS are given only civil case numbers since 'the qQuarantine". 

Defendant, Pro Se, has claimed the case has no merit - that 

1) Attorney in Michigan unlawfully represents Plaintiff, LVNV, located in North Carolina. 

     b)  Plaintiff now claims to be registered in Connecticut. Yet it fails to  hasuse yetany Connecticut office and uses a Nevada address, which is not Plaintiff's address of record. Plaintiff has not been registered in Michigan. They use this office despite having a Stillman Law Office in Connecticut, using the same Pro.Hac Vice Juris Number on NUMEROUS cases in this civil court of New Haven, CT alone - as well as the same Pro Hac Vice Juris Number throughout the state of Connecticut Court System. 

2)  Plaintiff provided no satisfaction of burden of proof, only an unsubstantiated bill with an unprofessional affidavit signed by Sherman Companies since that is her maiden name; or name when a man if this person is a transgender.  Plaintiff also signed this affidavit supposedly in Greenville, NC in front of a notary, and yet retained a Michigan attorney for representation despite the fact there was no geological connection with that area. For the attorneys to even accept the representation was ludicrous, claimed  defendant.

The court issued an order for trial by video without providing access to the court services center computer for a video conference. There was no assurance that defendant's phone was assured not to be hacked or hit with a virus - and the data consumed would be removed from defendant's service. Additionally recently, defendant's laptop washit with an EMP attack by someone who entered the court services center when she was using it in New Haven, CT.  They also did that to her tablet - both of which had to be reprogrammed where they were purchased. 

For the Court to issue a decision as a personal decision with an "It's okay by me but the judge at trial can do whatever he wants" - defendant considers this a Nefarious Ruling on its face. Though the letter was stamped in and a stamped copy was mailed to Stillman Law Office in Michigan, at the recommendation of the clerk since the documents are scanned in for record purposes the letter was a request. THIS IS A MOTION. 


1. This case has no merit. There is no ledger for the defendant to respond to. The plaintiff only submits unsubstantiated documents, including a Nefarious affidavit signed by "Pamela Sherman" who is an alias of "Pamela Johnson" and refers to herself as "The Urban Outlaw". There is no Juris Number after her name., Yet she has been entered into the BAR Association with a Juris Number. She may not have a law degree like they did with Rod Solomon [sole-man, transgendered most likely] who practices law in Washington DC and was contracted to write the Nefarious add-on program to Section 8 of HUD, MTW which ironically is used for Man To Woman transgenders, yet titled as "Move To Work" which makes absolutely no sense and wastes Section 8 money. 

2. Defendant claims this is more gangstalking against her using ABUSE OF POWER. She has been TARGETED for decades - by corrupted officials.

3. Though it was declared that LVNV Funding Corp Office was located in Delaware for this case, the  records have thus been altered. They were also not a registered company in Connecticut and still, registration has been backdated and records were frauded to cover-up what the defendant has already set forth in her Answer and Special Defenses, which took a great deal of time to prepare. 

4. Source: 


Though LVNV Funding was only listed in Delaware in Open Corporates, the records were altered after the defendant shared this information on social media, which both NSA and the Technocracy enjoy viewing and the USGov only rewards the crooks. These printouts are in Appendix C&D. 

5. There are numerous more addresses/states for the SAME company. Defendant is issuing a subpoena for information on the IRS Tax ID as well as company registration numbers. This is clearly a situation in which the US Government has taken part in nefarious business activity - right in plain sight - apparently considering they will just use    force on anyone who claims their corruption is as evident as the nose on the face of a person. Defendant perceives this as a vested interest which lies with grosdly-inflated wealth documented by multi-billionaires like Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, using fake collections as additional "proof" of extended "accounts receivables" - and most likely these collections companies launder crime money! 

6. Small Claim Form. LVNV Funding in Greenville, SC is listed as the plaintiff and they have no jurisdiction in Connecticut!  They also list themselves as a CORPORATION yet elsewhere claim they are LLC! 

7. Number 11 on SmallClaum Form, is defective and fraudulent.

  a) No name of the isduer, which would be the aggrieved party and significant to this case. This alone would be cause for the court to dismiss without trial. 

   b) No specification of what the credit card was for. What company defendant allegedly purchased from, and at least the last four numbers of the card itself, thereafter providing a copy of the card, along with ledger information. No specification of alleged date defendant defaulted. No indication of attached document to elaborate. This leaves a dynamic of adding and removing records "behind the scenes". FRAUD: Issuer assigned it's rights, title,and ownership of the defendant's debt to plaintiff. This is criminal on its face! Another very clear reason for the court to dismiss the case and bring quasi-criminal action against the plaintiff yet it is obvious this court is party to the nefarious activity, fulfilling some of the 25 prominently listed goals of the Illuminati, who lead the Satanic Underground, as Ted Gunderson, former FBI Section Chief, has reported many times and many of his videos are still on YouTube, yet he died from being poisoned by spineless CIA cowards - with arsenic. The CIA was created to carry out the Illuminati Goals, which also include the Georgia Guidestone Goals. The senator in Nevada, who worked with Dr. Ted Gunderson, was a CIA man, an attorney, whose goal was to satisfy CIA wants through deceiving Dr. Gunderson, who gave him benefit of doubt. That man, John DeCamp, was obviously continuing to be a CIA man and refusing to collect the million dollars on the Johnny Gosch case - was an obvious reflection on fraud and embezzlement. Noreen Gosch, his mother, enjoyed millions of dollars by capitalizing on this Satanic sacrifice of her little boy - and her husband didn't care. They were obviously involved with the swinging (husband-wife swapping) and even "parties" at their home. Johnny Gosch did see his mother as a teenager and she did nothing to offer him protection and he either went back to those who kidnapped, raped, and tortured him, or he sought help from others. Despite her being rich from this crime-scam, there was no mention in her video that she even gave him a penny. Most likely he asked her why she sold him to the SATANISTS. Defendant has had interaction with children who were victims of paedophilia. The two local police were like the North Pole & South Pole. The one who was happily married and vigilant with paedophile cases hadan untimely Death. 

8. Matthew Bardos signed the Small Claim Form on this case yet failed to provide an in-state contact information. Additionally, defendant found that he worked with a Connecticut Juris Number. Records have therafter been altered. 

9. Defendant entered her appearance with e-filing and successfully uploaded documents on the case. Yet her efforts were nefariously disrupted be a Court Services Center attorney, who blocked her account and claimed the defendant had to physically bring her licence to their office. Defendant claimed she was just targeting her and using ABUSE OF PROCEDURE to cover up wrongdoings, which the plaintiff frames itself on. 

10. Time creating this motion: 3 days. 


Sec 8-1 

Sec 24-1 

Any other law or rule which applies to this motion by the Defendant Pro Dr. 


Defendant, Pro Se, is a law-abiding citizen who is responsible in paying her bills. She never filed bankruptcy, nor did she ever issue Letters Of Forgiveness to any creditors. She paid what was owed. Her GE Money Accounts (2 cards, both had excellent credit) had REVOLVING CREDIT when paying amounts due within 6 months. Synchrony Bank purchased GE Money/Amazon accounts. They did NOT merge with GE Money! Hat is another false statement by plaintiff. Just view the corporation documents on record. 

Upon taking over defendant's Amazon credit cards, Synchrony Bank was obligated to do one of two things:

  1) Continue with the agreement/contract, or 

   2) Provide Defendant with a new contract which she could opt out of and stop using the card and let bthe minimum payment due continue to automatically be received by check (since Synchrony Bank was altering payments online, figuring Defendant wouldn't verify the next day) The contract which Synchrony Bank purchased was THEIR responsibility. The woman who was hired by Synchrony Bank (obviously for higher pay) was given the managerial job to oversee Amazon accounts. She had been doing the same thing at GE Money - and GE Money considered the bad handling of those accounts a loss in profits, which is why they sold them to Synchrony. 

Defendant was angered about the fraudulent billing by Synchrony and stopped using the card, paid off what she owed and cut off communication with Synchrony. YEARS LATER - various Sherman Companies began harassing Defendant for money, as already supported in Special Defenses and Answer. 

Why this Court keeps this case going has nothing to do with administration of justice or the law, which are supposed to be the same thing. 

Due to the need of creating a MOTION to ensure rights of Defendant to have a hearing via phone call (and therefore requires both parties to have all documents sufficiently profered and scanned in timely to prepare for the hearing/trial, Defendant hasn't had time to prepare a Bill Of Particulars involving the cost of time and expenses on this frivolous case yet. Additionally, the Military Affidavit was illegally submitted by the plaintiff. They are not Chief, cook, and bottle washer. 

This concludes this MOTION FOR PHONE CALL FOR TRIAL, set at the New Haven Courthouse via a teleconference without providing the defendant the equipment to hold one safely and without cost to the Defendant. 

Appendix is attached. 

Prepared By, 



A - Notice By Court 4/18/2021 

B - page from Defendant's Credit Report of 2015 

    "SYNCHRONY BANK" - false claim of delinquency   (amount does not consistently equal aforesaid case) 

C - - info on LVNV, South Carolina. Marked as Plaintiff

D - Connecticut Secretary Of State Business Search 

   LVNV - with Las Vegas address only 

E - Searches produced by Defendant, pasted on a 2-page Microsoft Word Document 

F - - printout lists LVNV Funding 43 times. No validation of Tax ID number. 

G. Receipt from cost using Fed Ex Computer     $17.36 

Receipt From Tyco copies $28.00

There are several more costs, such as bycost of mailing to plaintiff since the court violated plaintiff's e-filing and the plaintiff blocked Defendant's email.  USPS charges approximately $9 for Priority Mail, and FedEx charges $11 for ground shipping envelopes. 

     πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ» If this happens to you or someone you know, ESTABLISH YOUR RIGHTS. Make sure they don't abuse you! 🌻🌻🌻🌻

Update: The court nefariously ruled NO ACTION NECESSARY. That it's okay for the judge to GRANT the motion and let the damn trial judge to appeal! 


Pursuant to PB 24-19, and PB

Defendant is forced to submit another motion -motion for Clarification due to the Court's failure to grant a trial by phone - not remote video - and place it on record rather than state permission for the TRIAL judge to erroneously appeal the Court's Ruling and demand a remote video AT TIME OF TRIAL. 


Aforesaid SMALL CLAIM was assigned a civil case number, not being a civil case, and the court has told the defendant, Pro Se, that all SMALL CLAIMS are given only civil case numbers since 'the Quarantine". 

Defendant, Pro Se, has claimed the case has no merit - that 

1) Attorney in Michigan who unlawfully represents Plaintiff, LVNV, located in North Carolina, used the same Pro Hac Vice appearance on hundreds of Connecticut cases when in fact:

     a.  Pro Hac Vice Juris Number can only be approved by the court for a few select cases according to Black's Law Dictionary. 

     b.   Connecticut Attorney has nefariously joined appearance with the Michigan attorney, using the same Pro Hac Vice Juris Number.

     c.  Plaintiff set forth in court document that it's email is nefariously yet claim the Michigan Law Office is the representing office for this nefarious business, LVNV 

     d.  NOTICE REGARDING FAIR DEBT COLLECTIONS ACT L without abiding by The Fair  Debt c Collections Act, or citing the law covering  The Fair Debt Collections Act. Entry No. 100.33

          1) Conecticut Attorney, Christopher T. Moylan of  WETHERSFIELD, CT,  nefariously joined this appearance with Michigan Attorney Matthew Bardos using the same Pro Hac Vice Number, Michigan address, yet Connecticut phone number and email. Defendant claimed it is ILLEGAL and reasonaline for the court not to docket this case. Attorney Moylan  has not been registered in Michigan despite having Juris numbers for his license AND representation of the Law Office in Connecticut --neither of which were disclosed in the appearance on the Notice, which by the way, was strategically dated on April 23, 2020 - yet not used for correspondence or court purposes until until the court entered the small claim on 6/18/2020 and delayed mailing any notice to the Defendant until just a few days from setting it's return date, 7/9/2020 - which is obviously less than 30 days from filing of the SMALL CLAIM using a CIVIL CASE NUMBER, with NO EXPLANATION. Defendant was up day and night to complete and timely submit the following: Answer and Special Defenses, Appendix comprising of at least 300 pages, Timeline to use in lieu of TOC Appendix in order to document explanations of experiences in which she's continuously harmed as a TARGETED PERSON. This gives rise to quasi-criminal, of which is an AUTOMATIC RIGHT IN CIVIL CASES.  

               a) WETHERSFIELD is where the COURT OPERATIONS is located. Once Defendant successfully created her e-filing account online using COURT PROCEDURE, she proceeded to upload her Answer and Special Defenses, which she worked tirelessly to scan in at home, one page at a time. This was already emailed in segments of less than 25mb to counteract Google from refusing to send - to the Michigan Law Office according to what their paralegal informed the Defendant to use, though nefariously refusing to correct court records. Conveniently, the COURT OPERATIONS Attorney in WETHERSFIELD, CT - intercepted Defendant's e-filing by BLOCKING what had already been approved and not having the decency to call Defendant to inform her what she did or why she did it. Defendant claimed her intent was CRiMINAL, in that she singled Defendant out, ordering her to go to their office in WETHERSFIELD with her license for ID and that her identity in the court which the Michigan attorney chose was insufficient. Despite numerous complaints by Defendant, it was clear that this Attorney was using her job as a weapon, to target the already greatly aggrieved Defendant, Anne M. Bradley. For her to additionally refuse to accept a notarized statement was ludicrous. Additionally, Defendant claims they obviously STRATEGICALLY WAITED TO ROLL OUT THIS FAKE QUARANTINE to further abuse power, making up rules as they go along, rather than continuing to abide by laws and rules already documented since THERE WAS NO MARTIAL LAW, AS HARD AS TRUMP AND HIS LONG-TIME Democrat counterparts attempted to put that in place like Hitler did.  

         2)  Pro.Hac Vice Juris Numbers are used as MODIS OPERANDI on NUMEROUS cases in this civil court of New Haven, CT by the SAME MICHIGAN ATTORNEY, and Defendant has claimed it is ILLEGAL - this was exacerbated by same Pro Hac Vice Juris Number throughout the state of Connecticut Court System.  (Some repetition is for emphasis since the court ignores these very basic LEGAL PREREQUISITES BEFORE DOCKETING THE CASE and Defendant has relayed these violations more than once in prior documents, motions)

     e.  Defendant claimed to the state's SMALL CLAIMS Court in Hartford that Plaintiff violated laws and rules, including failing to serve her a notice according to law, at which time she could respond and resolve issues before they filed. The court failed to satisfy that requirement by obtaining any proof. 

         1) THEREAFTER, a USPS Priority Mail envelope was physically placed in Defendant's mailbox where she lives, AND THERE WAS NO TRACKING INFORMATION ON THE USPS barcode, obviously purchased from a machine, placed on it, and erroneously placed in Defendant's mail. Defendant claimed that is both a FEDERAL OFFENSE, and the person who opened her mailbox for the plaintiff also committed a CRIME. 

2)  Plaintiff provided no satisfaction of burden of proof, only an unsubstantiated bill with an unprofessional affidavit signed by Sherman Companies in GREENVILLE,since NC. Sherman surname is Attorney Pamela Sherman-Johnson's maiden name; or name when a man if this person is a transgender.  She failed to enter her Juris Number on the affidavit, dated on or before April 23, 2020.   Attorney  Johnson ,signed aka "The Urban Outlaw", as she brags herself to be,  also claimed this affidavit was supposedly signed in Greenville, NC in front of a notary, and yet retained a Michigan attorney for representation despite the fact there was no geological connection with that area. Defendant claimed for the  to even Stillman attorneys to accept the representation was ludicrous, claimed  defendant. It is reflective of the depraved behavior of SATANISTS in this country, who would claim the name "Still Man" a good Satanic ritual for the transgendered victims - as a means of MIND CONTROL to make them believe it was meant to be. 

     a.  Though the Stillman Law Office obtained a return date less than 30 days from the Nefarious filing of SMALL CLAIM, the court provided THREE MONTHS RETURN DATE for this Plaintiff to respond to Defendant's Answer And Special Defenses, at which time clearly showed no attention to the matter and only stated it denied. No reasons, no facts, no arguments. Despite the fact they submitted this SMALLL CLAIM AS A CIVIL CASE with absolutely no merit, no just cause, no probability. 

3) Though Defendant entered motions in court, the court selectively and only ruled on Motion For Phone Call for TRIAL, YET RULED 


Even though the court oddly responded to Defendant's letter as a ruling that the judge signing the ORDER approved a hearing by phone yet erroneously approved the trial judge to appeal her approval, despite it being a COURT ORDER outside of Defendant's right for DUE PROCESS OF LAW. 

4) The court frauded Defendant's Motion For Default Judgment On Counterclaim. This motion was typed by Defendant using the Court Service Center on October 7, 2020. The document automatically saved in the system when Defendant created it. The format was standard with a straight left margin, yet the one scanned into court has a straight left margin in the motion, yet in the HISTORY the left margin is crooked, which does not even correspond to any format option since the right side is crooked as well ALTERED: 

     a. 'In April" is false. Defendant relayed "In June" when Defendant physically placed the erroneous USPS Priority Package in her apartment mailbox, somehow having access. Defendant immediately reported this federal offense to Agent William Aldenberg of FBI, New Haven since the USPS had no record. For the record to be rigged weeks, possibly months thereafter only proves cover-up. Defendant printed the results of NOT FOUND, bar code was a cimmercial purchase.  Though Defendant's apartment is frequently vandalized by people affiliated with the landlord (Bozzuto, Inc - though they use MEPT, LLC even though it is a registered non-profit and employees are paid by Bozzuto, Inc and they bragged in Housing court that the reason they never changed her lock before she moved in was because 'she can trust us' even though they were attempting to illegally evict her in the court case, which Defendant brought up and the judge Defendan,   

is consistent with

5)  The court issued an order for trial by video without providing access to the court services center computer for a video conference. There was no assurance that defendant's phone was assured not to be hacked or hit with a virus - and the data consumed would be removed from defendant's service.  Defendant's first laptop was destroyed, which was why she had to use the court service center to type the Motion For Default Judgment, which the court selectively fails to rule on.  Months later, Defendant purchased a second laptop.  Defendant's  replacement laptop was hit with an EMP attack by someone who entered the court services center when she was using it in New Haven, CT.  They also did that to her tablet - both of which had to be reprogrammed where they were purchased, and neither are working properly to date. Defendant has had to rent the Federal Express computer or handwrite, both of which she has done, costing great time and expenses. Defendant has also had to pay for Priority Mailings every time she has produced documents in court due to the Nefarious blocking made by the attorney at COURT OPERATIONS IN WETHERSFIELD. 


1.  For the Court to issue a decision as a personal decision with an "It's okay by me but the judge at trial can do whatever he wants" - defendant considers this a Nefarious Ruling on its face and requested the court to correct it in her Motion For Phone Call At Trial, since the letter was not responded to fairly. The letter was stamped in and a stamped copy was mailed to Stillman Law Office in Michigan, at the recommendation of the clerk since the documents are scanned in for record purposes the letter was a request. THIS IS A YET ANOTHER MOTION. THIS TIME Defendant requests CLARIFICATION to assert her right to Due Process Of Law. 

2. Defendant has claimed this case has no metit, as relayed in History.

3. "Remote Hearing" is set for May 20, 2021.  Defendant claims this should not be a hearing by video, only by phone, using the phone number provided throughout this case, as stated in the closing of this motion. 

4. Copy of aforesaid motion is certified to Stillman Law Office in Michigan, though throughout this case, Defendant claims they have no legal right to be on this case and have not provided any ledger to validate that Defendant owes LVNV any money at all. She pays her bills in full! She will not allow anyone to cheat her with fraudulent actions! 


PB 24-19 will NOT open as a text to copy and paste. That was either a MICROSOFT manipulation or possibly the State Of CT Judicial Branch altered what they place online, UNLESS someone is an attorney. Defendant was given a 2016 version of The Connecticut Practice Book by a court clerk at the time they received a newer revision. 

According to this rule UPON the making of a counterclaim, the clerk has to PROMPTLY is to give notice to the plaintiff of a new answer date. Waiting THREE MONTHS is a violation of DUE PROCESS OF LAW. This law is cited right on the court document which was scanned in as Plaintiff's Answer, which was frivolous. 

Section 8-1 covers the process in civil matters. Though several forms do not apply to aforesaid matter, there is still an expected order in which documents are to be submitted, received, heard. 


At no point did the Defendant indicate a hearing was necessary on motions. Yet they are not heard except for Motion For Hearing By Phone Call, which was not properly ruled on since the judge claimed NO ACTION NECESSARY, thus concurring that that the trial judge can erroneously appeal the Court's Ruling, granting a phone call. 

Despite the many reasons this case has no merit and Defendant should be fully compensated with $5,000 since she has proven the costs and the time logically exceed the $5,000 , Defendant submits aforesaid motion to continue her defense. 

WHEREFORE, Defendant motions this court for a trial by phone call WITHOUT allowing trial judge to counter-rule at time of trial, which is abuse of procedure. Defendant's phone number is on all motions and court firms submitted. 

              # # # # # # # # #

I have to resume enlarging because it seems this phone doesn't want to enlarge anymore right now. I'll try. Again...


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