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(Formerly appleofmyeyes, but the Senate Judiciary nefariously took it down to cover up Kavanaugh's crimes, which I. Tweeted to them FOR CONSIDERATION!) 

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June 2021


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I know plastics can be recycled into a usable kerosene, but I make decorative containers w #SchoolGue #TissuePaper and  embellishments. Kids can do this 🧑 They turn out really nice #recycle #reuse #BeFrugal #ChildrensCrafts 

Understand the #Cause #Effect - it's #MindControl 😣 -they use people as basically




@USCCA #CorbettReport @truthstreamnews


Maybe this #NuclearReactor project in #Wyoming aligns with what @Scottymechanic says we need. #ProceedWithCaution #BillGates #Delaware https://opencorporates.com/officers?jurisdiction_code=&q=Terra+Power&utf8=%E2%9C%93  

@wuauquikunaoff1 - YouTube is BLOCKING your video! No wonder you don't have 1,000 or more in chat when you deserve it! #SueYouTube for marking this "This video may be inappropriate for some users" - they are sociopathic racists! @ElizabethUKRPG  

I agree,but also the #CreditBureaus cater to #organizedcrime especially #mafia 

Shared by Dutchsinse

Rocks turn into natural batteries when they are stressed 


FALLON TONIGHT ❤️πŸ’›πŸ’™❤️πŸ’›πŸ’™❤️πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ§‘❤️πŸ’™ πŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ’œ❤️πŸ§‘πŸ’›❤️πŸ’›πŸ§‘

Today is brought to you by BOO! LOL @FallonTonight

#BaseBall #BabyComeBack πŸŽΆπŸ’™


SCOTTY 😎 Kilmer 

Ford lost $2billion just because they didn't have a backup plan. 

🏌🏻‍♀️🏌️🏌️🏌️Forrrrd! "No hole in one here" says @Scottymechanic

It's one in a hole, a rabbit hole #BankruptOfLove

Screw over your own customer πŸ’” 

 #AnotherEconomicCasualty #Quarantine2021 #COVIDOCRACY 


      How To Make Your Car Go 300mph .

My response: 

My first thought wb : 🎢🎢Easy Come, Easy Go..Anywhere the wind blows🎢🎢 #IsThisAFantasy #VirtualDriving 

@Scottymechanic @bobforgovernor




No kidding$ 5000Watt Fryer using 2gallons of oil - brand new $.50 on WISH app #GoingFast - It's 6/5/2021 12:50am  

I'm just sharing this YouTube comment, separate from the video because it's not really about the video. 


   I suggest you subscribe to Religion For Breakfast and tone down your proselytizing "End Of The World" 

I'm a Christian but refuse to claim the Bible is perfect. Just read it using your head. 

Christ was given a sponge at the end of a long stick -by the guard when being crucified. The other two had their legs broken to speed up death since the next day was a holy day of the week and they wanted to expedite the deaths. Yet they gave Christ the sponge and immediately he (or someone else!) Said "It is finished" - very likely he was given chloroform or ether and passed out. I don't think he was really dead when he was taken off the cross.  See my blog, PubliusRoots.com - copy what you want. Decide for yourself. 

My point is, love is the answer. Learning is the answer. Christianity was not meant to dumb us down, yet it has been exploited by so-called Christians to do that very thing. Remember that 1Corinthians13 describes love as Justice too. Christ wasn't the only one who went to the desert for 40 days. In fact, it was a ritual, for men to gain more awareness of theirselves. A Shogun in Japan was a territorial leader and he had taken similar steps to develop those attributes....just a few thoughts. We are designs by Intelligence. I don't believe in Evolution. For flaws in genetics can become strengths. We do not select partners because of a need for gene superiority. The natural human selects out of love. Notice birds and other animals have proven they base relationships on attraction. Some may consider this proof of superior genes. I don't. Yet there is the issue of territorial fights and claims, which define "prides" . There again, it is preserving the genes, not gene superiority.  

   My above comment disappeared from there so I added this: I made along comment and it was remotely removed - not by Jesus - by CIA. They want you to push the scare agenda. Rather than the reality agenda. CIA is nothing but organized crime, using their Satanic cult as a backup.


   The following comment was made on Kelly Barlow Creations video. My other notes may have disappeared. I will repost what wasn't deleted, that is. 


Anyone else notice how weird and horrific things are in Society? It's all because over 650 Nazis were welcomed in USA and given amnesty after they murdered millions of people in WW2 (source: Annie Jacobson, yet she seems to have played a bit of dog and pony show because she makes money from  it. )....I realize that no harm was meant but the firecracker diy's at the beginning of fire season is why I won't share this. Also, some crazy idiot may get it in their head to make bombs that look like these. ...Maybe Kelly can find out some special things that were favorites of the firefighter who was killed - and make a special video in his memory. ie, maybe he like motorcycles and she can do a craft project for motorcyclists...or bikes..or boating.. or camping...some activity that the firefighter really enjoyed - maybe his Family 🧑....and Kelly can create something special for their family...just sayin'



26min of #Lawncare and more πŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸŽπŸ’πŸšœ


6min visit with #NativeMudic #Flute with #LuisSalazar of @wuauquikunaoff1


Yearly visits withwhite throated sparrows - these birds remember and like @TheBirdsNerd


The best of @petedavidsonSNL

On @FallonTonight https://youtu.be/2DFN2q5Sb5Q 


Shares #souptonuts story on the #Corvette #Sexy #Wild #MaintenanceNightmare 


FOOD - Ricotta From Whey 

How to make #Ricotta from #Whey - 10min video 


    Vinyl Records making a comeback? 

    Shared by MEDIA MONARCHY 🏌️🏌🏻‍♀️

That's a hoot if the record industry makes a comeback! Music will have real sound again! Internet techs distort what they want! It's turned into a very ugly and greedy dynamic! I'm sick of the corruption blocking talent!  


YouTube is rigging even more! 


Will be Livestreaming in a few hrs...JOIN the energy! Subscribe, and you can Set Reminder to do other things and get notification when their music starts. 


@truthstreamnews @AE911Truth @mediamonarchy @Diamondthedave @USCCA - The WOMD that Bush claimed didn't exist were sold to terrorists that CIA man Bush rigged, to frame #ColinPowell ❤️ yet they found them in Syria in 2014. I was recovering from a torn hamstring.  

Response to @johnpilger 

@XiJimping @VladimirPutinim @HassanRouhani @YaleCMES

@AE911Truth @ElizabethUKRPG

 - I am also disgusted how Trump hides behind #RepublicanParty to get away with murdering General #Soleimani! There is little justice in USA! anchor.fm/terra-cotta  

Biden and Trump followsame #SatanicUnderground agenda - as did Clintons and Bushes. Bill Clinton is half brother of GW Bush, an obvious Satanic ritual to create twins @AE911Truth -#AleisterCrowley was real father of #BarbaraBush - #KnowTheEnemy  

@TMobile MANY thanks to #Faith for her patiently helping me in establishing my new account πŸ§‘πŸ’™❤️πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’™❤️πŸ’› 

RAIMY SALAZAR ❤️πŸ’›πŸ§‘❤️πŸ’™πŸ’›❤️πŸ’œπŸ’š Your music is very nice! You and your brothers are daily enjoyment to my life. #NativeMusic #Mixes with other artists are nice too, but you guys are my music "tribe" πŸ§‘πŸ’™❤️πŸ’›πŸ˜ - I missed Robert Mirabal's music. He became Chief of Pueblo's in New Mexico and takes on the roll of teacher, leader. My prayers πŸ™ for them. 

@RaimySalazar says Welcome To June with #NativeMusic #ForTheSoul 


    Did you ever tell your classmate to take the O out of school and the F out of Whey, or something like that? 

Ever hear of Dfinity organization? Or The Internet Computer Organization? ICP Protocol is intended to become a SELF GOVERNMENT #NoFInWhey  

Livestreaming in an hour: #NativeMusic #SoothsTheSoul 

With @wuauquikunaoff1

They livestream Saturdays and Sundays at 11am EST 


WAS CHRIST DEAD WHEN Taken off the cross? 

The Holy Sponge is one of the Instruments of the Passion of Jesus Christ. It was dipped in vinegar (or in some translations sour wine), most likely posca, a favorite beverage of Roman soldiers, and offered to Christ to drink from during the Crucifixion, according to Matthew 27:48 , Mark 15:36, and John 19:29.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki

Holy Sponge - Wikipedia

     And one of them at once ran and took a sponge, filled it with sour wine, and put it on a reed and gave it to him to drink. Matt 27:48 

Mark 15:36-38 

And one ran and filled a spunge full of vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink, saying, Let alone; let us see whether Elias will come to take him down.

37. And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost.

38. And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.

Mark 15:36

Someone ran and filled a sponge with sour wine, put it on a reed, and gave Him a drink, saying, "Let us see whether Elijah will come to take Him down."

New American Standard Version 

John 19:29-31 A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus' lips. When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. 



#DontBeCruel 🎢🎸


#BestSellingCar #InTheWorld says @Scottymechanic

Doctor! Doctor! πŸŽΆπŸ’™ Give me the news! I got a bad case of #ToyotaCorola Flu! πŸš—❤️ 


Here's a little something- something: 

Did you ever tell your classmate to take the O out of school and the F out of Whey, or something like that? 

THE TECHNOCRATS HAVE ANOTHER AGENDA - since the INTERNET SOCIETY was unsuccessful making their pitch about Internet being a separate world = delusional psychotropic tripping. 

Internet is a COMMUNICATION SERVICE - the end! Nothing produces until it is programmed! 



Ever hear of Dfinity organization? Or The Internet Computer Organization? ICP Protocol is intended to become a SELF GOVERNMENT #NoFInWhey 

@TMobile - Many many thanks to #Lura in #Main for her problem solving and attentiveness. I'll be going back to the store in about a half hour, after I check my mail. πŸ’™❤️πŸ’›πŸŒˆπŸ˜ She showed much TMobile Pride, confidence.  


Hey Hey Hey 

#Everyday πŸ’™πŸŽΆπŸ’™πŸŽΆ








   Mary Greeley emphasizes #BePrepared 


THERE'S NO VIRUS. A virus is actually an immunity created by our bodies. All of this is fake. I appreciate why some people will not speak out it is fake, but don't feed the beast to act like it exists. These are unhealthy times. 

corbettreport com


Search Dr. Palevsky 

Death Rate hasn't changed 


Macrotrends.net provides global death rates 


Great video for basis of discussion 


Do #AllBritishDerelicksMatter? 

Is It okay to incite war, like they did #AmericanRevolution since it worked so well at the #FrenchRevolution - which only succeeded to make the #RichGetRicher? That's progress? 


      "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down the Berlin Wall" as USA says with their fingers crossed behind their backs. How about tearing down the political bullying of USA? I'm perplexed how Reagan showed Russia wasn't that much of a threat - when USA collapsed their economy and FORCED them to tear down a wall that wasn't USA's business - and USA HELPED the NAZIs - did NOT defend Russia and Russia was the only country that defeated the NAZIs. Annie Jacobs has informed the public that USA took in 650 NAZIs - killing machines - after WW2 - including over 300 scientists who murdered millions of people! 

    TWEETED:. @history_yt THE HISTORY GUY 

Great basis to discuss 

REAGONOMICS - WW2 - RUSSIA @VladimirPutinim

Do #AllBritishDerelicksMatter? 

Is It okay to incite war, like #AmericanRevolution #FrenchRevolution - only helped #RichGetRicher? Stalin was the problem!


Well-meaning companies go down a rabbit hole w bad marketing schemes contracted out. Consider that possibility. Any disputes sb handled by your bank IF you can't get hold of the company. Mine does. #PatriotWholesaleClub number is 888-250-8113. I got their portable sleeping bags.  

@truthstreamnews @mediamonarchy @CorbettReport @BovierDon @Diamondthedave @bobforgovernor


"Leisure Reading" 

Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory  World War 2 

😳 Have they? I think not! Look at the mess that has developed! They funded NAZIs!  

    The arsenal of Democracy is based on fear 

     DuPont produced the highest amount of gun powder in USA in WW1 and WW2 

      Bill Knutson was President of GM 

         - probably connected to Morrison-Knutson firm, largest building contractor at Ft Drum, NY 

By the end of 1942, USA was making as much warfare production as Germany, Great Britain, Soviet Union (no mention of Musalini's Italy) and by 1943, USA was THE HIGHEST warfare manufacturing country. 

Mason Lecture Series - Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in WW2 - by Dr. Herman 

National Defense Preparedness formed. 

1. Knutsen turned out contracts to the most innovative companies. Didn't matter that they never made war material before.  Modernizing warfare! 

2. Flexible mass production - assembly lines at Chevrolet 

      Start making tanks 

     (I wonder how many vehicle accidents he caused, or had his people cause! - same concept with Mike Pompeo and Thayer Aerospace) 

       TBF - produced elsewhere

       TBN Avenger  - aerospace projects by GM 

       "Same plane GW Bush flew and was shot down" 

He skips around, so I don't think he will finish the 4 ways


       Corsair worked with Americans (Pratt & Whitney) 

"Dutch Kiddleburger" 

This speaker celebrates the warfare production, bragging about every plane used in WW1 we're all pre-war designs by commercial companies 

The Army Board of Ordinance made inferior tanks in WW2 

    "It never occurred to them to go to a company like Chrysler, like GM..." 

WTF - this speaker enjoys being part of a war machine! 

GE, Westinghouse - were approached to make war equipment

This speaker produced a handbook, proselytizing: 

Your Business Goes To War 

Razor blade mfg - can make shrapnel - the shit that pulverized my father's knee at Hiroshima, Japan! 

Smith-Corona became part of the war machine

This man seems like he's a bisexual...

Women became part of the war production 

     Their small fingers will be great on assembly lines 

    By 1943, 1/3 of aerospace engineering/mfg employees were women 

4. LEADERSHIP - so he says this is Number 4. 

     - more like war puppets! 

      The Ends Justifies The Means! 

Promoting THE, GREATEST GENERATION - play on words! 

He says that more people "were killed" in industries making war production than those who died in WW2, etc.  that year. 

    Guada canal 


   Coral Sea 

    Battle Of The Atlantic 

WTF! How much were Mafia funding it? 

He said the factory KILLINGS  exceeded the ones in uniform by 20 to 1 Go to 48-50 min 

GM lost 189 business executives died on the job ....

   Gee, same freaking number of members at Dfinity.org - wake up, people! The sociopaths aren't just coming - they're here! 


    How about war of stupidity? 

Higgins was already known for designing aircraft. ... obnoxious character...

   He claims Soviet wartime production was supplied by USA - and American families of those workers were starving to death, Herman says 

 The fact he fails to mention the MAFIA and other organized crime speaks huge about what motivates him! 

Knutsen was a great man, he says. 

Look at the disaster Michigan is in - lots of corrupted people with their pants down! 

Dowe, founder was Herbert. Dowe formula for making magnesium..produces planes lighter than aluminum. 

DuPont gets credit for atomic bomb. 

They processed the plutonium. 

Mustang and B29 were pre-war planes (1940) 

Audience: I really find your argument preposterous...these projects, like Manhattan Project, were the basis of the war machine. (1 hr, 10min) 

Don't forget, there were 11million Germans (Vermont/Weirmont, Lufwafa)  in Russia  to disrupt the Soviet Union...

Dillon Reed and James Forestall developed a way to allocate needs to the military. 

Posted 6/8/2021 

πŸ¦žπŸ¦€πŸ‘πŸ πŸŸπŸ¦ˆπŸŒπŸ»‍♀️🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨



This USA society becomes more and more lawless, especially where I live on the East Coast! 

RESTORE #Accountability!  







Comment: I feel an enormous class action coming on

   My response: 

Let's hope so! I just had this horrible experience in court - with Fraudulent Collections! I recorded it. They have no constitutional right to tell us we can't! They are public hearings! The female witness actually said she was an attorney FOR LVNV = completely illegal to use her as a freaking witness! That part isn't in the recording, where she says she's representing LVNV and identifies herself as "Me" = WTF 

I spoke up and said, WHO is ME?This scumbag lying judge said I didn't need to know! 


@TMobile Thank you #Adrian in #Jamaica  for processing me as a new customer for my main phone number. You're the best! Very friendly, competent 😍 This is the link I mentioned, and I hope it helps others 


@ColinPowellCCNY #ColinPowell  

SCOTTY 😎 Kilmer


evolved into a Traveling Car Repair Show

10min talk on life 😎  #TheFordBeWithYou #RosesAreRed #VioletsAreBlue Maybe you'd like a #Subaru 🚘 T for Terrific = #Toyota #AskScotty #SafeTravels #MartinAndSusanTyner #ILoveRhodeIsland #AllPatriotsMatter  



I've suspected that #WinstonChurchill was a Satanist like #Stalin #Hitler #Musalini et al - trying to destroy the Monarchy #Evil is the Enemy @truthstreamnews


Hey @Amtrak - next time park it at the home of #ClarkFamilyCreative πŸš‚ and tell #ChooChoosStory about it because Chipmunks love containers if they have strawberries in them. #ThoughtForTheDay worthy of a trophy πŸ† from  @FallonTonight


#ClarkFamilyCreative visits #NormansRareGuitars channel

🎢🎢They Call Me The BreezeπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ’™πŸ₯ 


This is what happens when Americans #ShootThemselvesInTheFoot - they #GetBitInTheRearEnd #Toyota is Top Five of the #TopTen Vehicles in USA now. 


Somebody in #RhodeIsland please help @Scottymechanic

Get a decent deal for #ShorelineRealEstate He's all about helping people - let's help them back please🧑 


They lied back then, they lie now #USGS 😳 - Great reporting on Geological Activity by @RealDutchsinse


Today is brought to you by your ❤️ heart. @johnbergman


12 min medley 🎢🎢🎢 by military #MemorialDayWeekend2021 




1June2021 #Yellowstone earthquake report 




🎢🎢She wouldn't dance with another, when I saw her standing there🎢🎢🎢 ❤️πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ€ŽπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›❤️πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘


#ClarkFamilyCreative So @Scottymechanic PhD in Physics - can you tell me how it's possible to #RollinInTheRiver? 

#RockMusic and #YouCanDoIt 


#BlancoLirioReport 🎢21 Pilots: Shy awayπŸŽΆπŸ’™ on @FallonTonight







I want my Money! πŸ’° @Thoughty_2

Gives a 14min overview of the History of the use of money for wealth. πŸ’°


15min overview of the 2021 #CalFire training in prep for fire season by #BlancoLirioReport 


The point is,Why aren't #ANTIFA  arrested, disbanded? 

They are #DomesticTerrorists! 

The lawlessness in this country is causing the country to implode on itself, as @VladimirPutinim warned.  

15 AirFryer recipes 







I'm new with using an #AirFryer but wonder if anyone is researching and developing a way to take them camping. 



Don't! 1 to 12 #Cooking #AirFryer @BBYNews

#BeFrugal #BeSafe 



6min #WhatsNews with Jimmy and friends on @FallonTonight


Is MEDIUM going to pot? 

 GPO VanMan doesn't write like this! His articles are clear, concise, informative ☺️

So how can TWO WORDS turn into a ritual? Nothing about the article makes sense. And I read the first two posted comments and stopped. THERE'S NO LOGIC. 


Why is this even allowed? 

     They still Claim Bezos is worth $168 Billion even though he's getting a divorce  (Aligned Bill Gates' divorce)

Jeff Bezos. The fall-out of the Amazon-MGM buyout. Amazon gobbling up the mighty Hollywood film studio MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) for $8.4 billion is a game-changer in the global film streaming business and is directly aimed at giving the numero uno in the business, Netflix, a run for its streaming money.21 hours ago


The Iceland Volcano eruption is no big deal, said a YouTuber  - 


That was one stupid comment! 

     After the lava overtook the artificial dam 

that had been quickly built in a (failed) attempt

 to prevent the lava from entering the Natthagi valley,

 it entered the valley 

which is leading towards the southern ring road. As it descended the northern headwall of the valley, it created a beautiful lava fall, then formed a new flow along the bottom of the valley and actually following and covering the hiking path leading from the parking at the ring road northwards to the eruption area



An obvious distraction from molesting, paedophilia! 


Has anyone ever heard of Terra Power? 


What is the nuclear energy to be used for? Great, if they are going to do what SCOTTY 😎 Kilmer suggested. 

But I'm suspicious..  https://www.foxbusiness.com/energy/bill-gates-next-generation-nuclear-reactor-to-be-built-in-wyoming

June 3, 2021 


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