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Operation #FumDuck - they've also been trying to get rid of the Monarchy for decades so they can bring their stupidity to a higher level. @ElizabethUKRPG 

Feeding My Pet Seagull
1hr+ video

#BlancolirioReport spends 46min to meet the new AVIAT Husky @Scottymechanic

FLEETED, after I realligned it, LOL 😁
Front End Alignment Check

Turn off your devices and computers, cover them with aluminum foil. Tomorrow They want to PURGE using AI. Use radios.
https://t.co/nEohmyTihI I

Misty Fjords airplane crash in Alaska 5Aug2021killing 6 people - reporting #Blancolirio

Survival Kit Free - worth $155 join @USCCA and enjoy learning about firearms, Defense.

Non-Binding Biden 😜 WTF More holes than Swiss cheese says 🧑 Don't try driving it unless you got a #FairyGodMother

@RoystonPotter says - Keep your Eyes On The Prize and defend our federal constitution #NonBindingBiden

There's #NoPandemic It's all fake to make money - they faked #SandyHookShooting and more - and who was VP? Obama is helping Biden from the sidelines. Will Biden hire Cuomo now? If he can get away with it he will! Why do you copy Cuomo here?  http://www.publiusroots.com/2018/04/table-of-contents.html?m=1 

I have a sneaking suspicion you only "broke off"from mainstream media to continue working for MSM. People have to be really stupid not to recognize the psyop. @AE911Truth @truthstreamnews @mediamonarchy @MassDeception1 

@AE911Truth @RoysonPotter
FACTS. #Sep11 was caused by Americans! #NobodyDied #ObamaLied at #SandyHook
#Geoengineering is weaponized!
Washington DC only cares about WASHING AWAY TRUTH! Wasting money, helping the crooks! #WakeUp! 

#BlancolirioReport shows the Aftermath of the #RiverFire 12Aug2021

@scottymechanic doesn't want auto customers FREE FALLIN'

This is small bird season and they give the rescued a lot of TLC ♥️πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ¦

At 21min @Dutchsinse talks about a 56,000 ft water blast that went up into the stratosphere - caused by volcanic eruption in the ocean! 😱  Will a tsunami hit Japan or Haiti now? Watch this video 14Aug2021

Three #neardeath experiences by US Presidents. ..(They say GHW Bush got CIA to use the ice bullet on Ronald Reagan. It missed his heart by an inch or less. Ice bullets can't be detected. Yet insiders knew the weapon of choice.) @history_yt

So the #CoastGuard were formed as an extra military in #VietNam - does that mean they may be secretly used for Martial Law when Dirtbag politicians crash the economy, or incite war successfully?

I couldn't agree with ROYSTON POTTER more!
I'm sure @CorbettReport, @truthstreamnews
Are a few of many who sympathize with @RoystonPotter
in this 10min video
My comment:
@RidingtheEventHorizon -
Interesting. So you're saying if someone is drafted, go and refuse to agree to the oath. I like it.πŸ‘ It's a CHOICE, otherwise an oath wouldn't be necessary. They have no legal right to arrest anyone for not consenting to the oath.
I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed ...


The Presidents have been traitors to USA!
Remember when General Green was murdered, same way MLK was? A sniper shot him and left Ordiermo alone - who most likely just made sure the sniper had a good shot! General Green had TWO master degrees and a bachelor's degree! Tremendous leader! Ordiermo was a Shell, hollow - no feelings, no brains. And Ordiermo was PROMOTED after "Green got out of his way" - my observation.

   BTW, that murder of Gen Green incident was altered and Ordiermo said he and other soldiers were shot too. If I had the chance, I would have asked why the hell they didn't return fire or take cover! It was obviously an inside job! A paid murderer - maybe Mafia, but probably ISIS, which is funded by CIA.

My uncle worked at the Pentagon. I tried to get a job in Washington DC at one point. Stayed at my rich uncle's house for 2 months. He stole my social security number and used it when he bought his wife a Mercedes Benz, saving thousands of dollars in sales tax. Flatlining my credit! I found out after I left and tried to get a loan for apartment furniture. New York State was a living hell. I never want to go back. I left $300 in cash on my uncle's kitchen table when I left. A cousin "had to teach me the right way to drive to NY" - she asked me if I could take her there from Washington - that's when my jigalo uncle used my social security card...and BTW, When I returned to New York permanently - I took Route 3 and saved 2 hours from my know it all  cousin who "knew the ropes".

Our SOCIETY has been polluted by SOCIOPATHIC NWO career CRIMINALS. We have had many close calls from their terrorist schemes working.And now more than ever we must DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. Courts consider Habeas Corpus a dirty word where I live. Laws are nothing. Attorneys cite inappropriate laws on purpose as a game in the courts! That's what my Judicial Complaint will include when I post it.

Trump is 1,000% FAKE!
I didn't TWEET this video because Diamond couldn't be more wrong about TRUMP - who is a career liar, CRiMINAL.
My comment:
F*k Facebook!
F*k Trump!
Kiss my donkey!....well said about gun owners needing to be responsible! The parent should be arrested, not 5yr old. Years ago, they used to get children to do the killing because they wouldn't be sentenced for much in prison....AS FAR AS TRUMP Goes, please see my blogpost REMOVE TRUMP NOW. He's a Satanist, "married" to a transgender. Just like JFK. TRUMP is a freaking CRiMINAL! The BS script you buy into is just to help Trump get back in the Whitehouse. TRUMP TRIED TO MURDER MIKE PENCE. Trump burned people alive, to ashes in Paradise! Trump erroneously fired Great people in his administration - even cabinet never intending to keep them once he won election! F*k Trump! He also murdered Iran's General Soleimani! He was NOT on the terrorist list! THEY LIED! So you are way off base about Trump!  See my blogpos, "Remove Trump Now" on publiusroots.com
     All conspire, play a script, show no consistency! Elections are rigged! They are all Elites! Trump only changed parties to become President. Soros paid for his campaigns! He wrote off $250million financing TRUMP Tower - use some common sense. Trump repeatedly said Soros was a bad person - here he got Soros to finance his Tower. I think he sold it or put it for sale, moving to Florida - TO HELP MCAFEE and other partners in crime! Consider the controlled demolition of that high rise building, which destroyed McAfee's records and more. I'm not sharing this because of your baseless rant supporting Trump.  You lowered my opinion of you, buddy.
     Also response to Grumpy Old Marine on that video:.  I hope you're a USCCA member. Trump compromised NRA. Sabatoged Wayne LaPierre, even though Wayne was one of the creators of Bikers For Trump...He got Wayne removed and replaced by cocaine trafficker who did order murder hits for Clintons/CIA - Oliver North
He's a CIA operative!
Once CIA - almost always CIA! They try to kill you if you leave it - same thing Illuminati does.

Mary Greeley
   EARTHQUAKE UNREST at Yellowstone,after Haiti earthquake
Is Haiti gonna have a tsunami now, OMG - they got almost destroyed it years ago. 
  My comment:
CLINTONS pocketed most of the money that was supposed to help Haiti.The Satanic Underground sociopaths will do it again ; Trump's, Clintons, Obama's, Bidens, Bushes.
Elections are rigged.
     My comment:  Someone said that the earth is literally shaking now. Something to consider. 

Washington University
Lecture on the Basalt ocean coastal  floor

    This is related to the YELLOWSTONE HOTSPOT

    The North American plate is holding the heat over the hotspot

Three Tweets
He says there's no chance in the near future more eruptions on West Coast ocean floor will occur #SeeWhatTheyDid #FloodBasalts covering up mountains on West Coast
Lecture @UofWA
Flood Basalts at Pacific Northwest... I wonder if there is any healthy or even craft-making properties that can be harvested
Is there oil in them-thar Basalts?
Resp comment to a trucker, Austin Nasset:
I saw a video showing petrified-looking silica - the beach was like concrete. As I recall, it was a process that occurred over time. A chemical reaction. Crazy stuff our world has going on. Wow. πŸ™‚πŸ’›πŸŒ»
Interesting book: Big Black Boring Rock
Also shared,author Richard Hurst but no name of book

Skillet Meal: Italian meatballs and spaghetti with #GlenAndFriends

#FabianSalazar πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽ·πŸŽΈπŸŽΉπŸŽΊπŸŽ»πŸŽΌπŸ‘¨‍🎀πŸͺ•πŸŽ™️Music is like a 🌈 in the air when you listen...
Livestreaming in 1/2 he 11am EST - #SetReminder

Professor William Cooper on the threats to

Roy Potter
RoyPotterqa channel
Families Need To Be Prepared
Reduction Of Supplies
9min video
Behold A Pale Horse
With Bill Cooper 2 1/2 hrs

#Blancolirio probably already knows this scenario:
1982 Boeing 747 crash involving blast of light #VolcanicEruption says #MentorPilot  @t34mentorpilot

Reply to
Copy: @TomCotton
@RoystonPotter @CorbettReport
Apparently it was too much for USA to be accountable for it's citizens. Soldiers=sold to die

Reply @Lucky_Finds (Mary Greeley)
@AE911Truth @CorbettReport
Bush allowed #Sep11 attack. We know he wasn't a planner but he could have stopped it. He made billions πŸ’° from Wall Street investments which began the plotting& planning to make billions πŸ’°off #massmurder = TREASON 

@AE911Truth @CorbettReport
Bush allowed #Sep11 attack. We know he wasn't a planner but he could have stopped it. He made billions πŸ’° from Wall Street investments which began the plotting& planning to make billions πŸ’°off #massmurder = TREASON

@bobforgovernor @truthstreamnews @RoystonPotter @Diamondthedave @RealDutchsinse @truthstreamnews -How can you retweet this when it was reported Biden was pulling troops out @TomCottonAR said any troops "stuck" in Afghanistan to call him, which hopefully means more than #Howdie 

To @Breaking911
@AE911Truth - for them to be Taliban, they are mercenaries working for someone. Is it too much to ask who the hell it is, considering CIA funded ISIS πŸ™„ Are you Breaking #Sep11 Truth?

LOL, what leadership?Biden said he was pulling troops out of Afghanistan & Just ordered 1,000 more unless #BreakingNews911 is lying, which is possible. The killer bioweapon #MadeInUSA was intercepted by Intelligence, replaced w the flu. #ChinaSeeksPeace 

#Breaking - Trump made Gitmo a freaking hotel after @jeffsessions , et al took down #AlphaBay & resulted in thousands of sealed indictments but #DumpTrump  fired Sessions 4 #DevilsChessboard 

Sir, Ms. Marfoogle supports @Breaking911. Both need a proctologist to do a labotamyπŸ™„ ie:
I tweeted her Deliberately adding President Xi bc Stupid is a weapon, like @JoeImbriano777 has said.
@XiJimPing - The damn bioweapon was #MadeInUSA - #NorthCarolina &Transported to @china which is avoiding war, not inciting war like USA #CFR  #TrilateralCommission Terrorists! https://youtu.be/cbJya-Y47Cw
Behold A Pale Horse
#EnemyWithin USA plans

Posted 15Aug2021


RIP Shauna:  The grand-niece I never met, daughter of a niece I only knew when a toddler when I owned and operated my store:

There is no gain from Loss
Less is not More
Your heart is torn
Nothing is Born
You can only bear
And go on -
Beyond the pain.
Rain can heal
if you feel And deal with Why
By finding Truth
By resting in Truth
Knowing this Way
May relay definition
To your Mourn.
Praying πŸ™ for Healing Love

Pictures of Tweet to @FallonTonight
Saying a car just kissed the butt of another car..  @Scottymechanic - @FallonTonight
Looks to me there's a sexpedemic with #NaughtyCars that think they're horses. https://youtu.be/IHjcC1leyg0  

The 4min video is pure bunk
Nobody who jumped from the deck survived! The ship was exploding, that's why some jumped. Yet this video says Thayer survived jumping 5 stories up in freezing water. If anything, he would have broken his spine. 40 tried, 40 died. Thayer was a fraud and obviously took part in the looting for Ismay and Morgan. And his father obviously took part in it.

No doubt Jack and his father helped hijack the Titanic for Bruce Ismay and JP Morgan. They made money hand over fist, from looting and insurance fraud. Ismay got an Irish engineer to do some "rework and repair" which was really rigging the ship to blow up if they have to make a quick turn. Removing a bolt in Boiler Room 6 was a major cause of combustion when they claim they were heading to hit an iceberg, which frankly was a lie for many reasons:
1. The large ships had cutters in front of them. Not commercial size but as a means to get through ice such as black ice.
2. Someone, probably CPT Smith, made sure the airtight portals were open. Nobody lived to hold him accountable because the explosion was that severe.
3. Titanic was built to sink! Thayer was first manager of SYNChrony bank, made up of cronies who only want to destroy the economy.

      8/7/2021: on Titanic Sinking
      Note and CORRECTION. I forgot that my blogpost on the Titanic has a conclusion that it was bombed or attacked by laser weaponry. Also, there is indication that the Titanic went slower, not faster.
      Yet, since I didn't have access to my own blog for almost two years, and it may be hacked now, it may have been altered nefariously. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK at this point. Copy and do your own research. If you have subscriptions to protected data sources, Great. Because the SOCIOPATHIC TECHNOCRATS are doing all they can to manipulate society, roll out SINGULARITY.  8/7/2121

The buzz on social media is #Sep11 enterouge plan to implement#MartialLaw in August to keep the #September11 updates from getting out! About 125 scumbags helped Hillary Clinton and John McCain that day!

#GlenAndFriends #Scottish
#Carrot #Pudding recipe from the 1700's

Resp to @TruthstreamNews and acct that begins with @CJLogic ....
People like the French Fathead need to be deported to an island they cannot escape from. Let them rot in hell! A current tactic is a Cuban Florida/Miami representative who is pissing and moaning about Cuba but no big deal about high-rise collapse #ControlledDemolition 

Mary Greeley went on 2 week vacation
To Florida these past two weeks.
Glad you had a safe trip, particularly since the corruption is rampant, to include the controlled demolition of the Miami high-rise where a Cuban (Rep SALAZAR, which gives bad algorithms for the Native Music family from Ecuador, Salazar Brothers)  is state representative and pissing and moaning for Cuba being Communist rather than doing her damn job here in this SOCIALISM-plagued country USA with rigged elections. WTF

Music is Universal 🎢🎡🎢🎡 Please join Livestreaming with @FabianSalazar of #SalazarBrothers @wuauquikunaoff1
Today - #SetReminder

LMFAO - I don't know why they cancelled it. #Tensions #SoapOpera

Info touchdown by #Blancolirio - Nevada fires

21 min with old timer Flight School employee in Madison, SD #BlancolirioReport

Check out rigginflightservice.com #BlancolirioReport

What would happen if the radio beacons or IRF were disrupted by AI or laser weapons in a planned systematic manner by the obvious#EnemyWithin USA? They are obsessed with shutting down the govt to take it over, like the NAZI party did.

Resp to @JoeImbriano777
Don't forget methane gas that's supposed 2b harming the ozoneπŸ™ƒ I had a biology teacher who lectured on that & half of us laughed. Farting too much? LOL 😁 It's been PROVEN that's bunk. He also did a speel on prions- teaching w an iron fist-high grades2 minions. 

#BlancolirioReport update on the Nevada River Fire 5Aug2021

You'll laugh your donkey off!
Mad Libs Theater  and more on  😁 @FallonTonight

These are a few of my favorite things, says @Scottymechanic

911 Mysteries
Documentary by Sofia Smallstorm

The History Guy @history_yt
Spam - The Story of Phishing

🎡🎢Extra Livestreaming
Music Native-style🎡🎢

Horses love♥️ and know who loves them. πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘♥️

Kevin Paffrath for CA Governor
     @ValleyGovernor Help yourself. My blog is unmonitored, ad-free. Copy what you want. COVID-19 was created after China's intelligence collaborated with others and took down #WuhanVirus http://www.publiusroots.com/2018/04/table-of-contents.html?m=1 #DecideForYourself @joeimbriano777 is in CA -he sb a Congressman 🧑

Airfryer #Eggplant recipe - yum!

Shares great food preserving processes, relish, salsa, and more! πŸ˜‹

Enjoy Native style 🎡🎢🎡🎢music and dance πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ With #FabianSalazar of #SalazarBrothers TODAY #SetReminder  @wuauquikunaoff1

11min update on the plane crash of #DaleSnodgres costing him his life by #BlancolirioReport


This is a replay if the Illuminati CD - to recruit members #Illumicorp said they will create bad weather. Consider #BillAyers and #WeatherUnderground - Obama helped him blow up a police department.

Wonder why ILLUMICORP has a focus on Louisiana as a strength? That's where their HQTR is

CT citizen wrongly incarcerated
Not even a motion. Letters keep the damn case going. That's what attorneys want - publicity, drag out the case for more money. #IneffectiveAssistanceOfCouncil 

#RaymondClark -  didn't skip town. Annie Le was his friend. They botched up the case. Relied on Guilty By Media. Raymond pled NOT GUILTY. They forced him in prison for 18months-consider the hell they put him thru. Annie's chopped up body was in a maintenance tool box. 

🎢🎡Happy Sunday🎢🎡
Join #CarlosSalazar of
#SalazarBrothers @wuauquikunaoff1
#SetReminder for Livestreaming 8/21/2021

Thanks to half-black half-white "I only love myself" Obama - getting by with a little help from his Satanic Underground friend - TRUMP,
is why THIS happened:
    Claiming 1641 unarmed black MEN killed by police during 2013-2019

#AllCowsMatter #EatHealthy #WholeMilk #Beefalo #GodBlessFarmers
Reporting @PAllenSmith

Posted on fallontalon.com
     If you like these notes,I suggest you go to my other ad-free blog, copy what you want - into a document and sort out. 

Make it your own words 
The notes are to spur interest,save time.
Thank you for sharing ❤️πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’œ❤️


Posted 9Aug2021 

#CutTheSnakeAtTheHead #IntelligenceMatters
Get #ThreadReaderApp to #MakeItHappen

Sir, I think we are past the opportunity for repentance and need #IntelligenceMatters to #CutTheSnakeOffAtTheHead - a globally-combined intelligence which is NOT already part of the problem, which I believe is based in Washington DC and CIA

Resp tweet to a horse lover, cattle breeder
(Hopefully not a fake account because his account name is @PharmaPC)
Good point! That's because God is infinite ❤πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’–
We are #DesignedByIntelligence
Some of many people whose living prove #GodWillCarryYouThrough
@FallonTaylor3  @wuauquikunaoff1 @truthstreamnews @CorbettReport  #ColinPowell @RoystonPotter #BlancolirioReport

Good point! That's because God is infinite ❤πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’–
We are #DesignedByIntelligence
Some of many people whose living prove #GodWillCarryYouThrough
@FallonTaylor3  @wuauquikunaoff1 @truthstreamnews @CorbettReport  #ColinPowell @RoystonPotter #BlancolirioReport @LTHomestead

@RichardJMurphy I would hope you would agree that though efforts are simultaneously working, the first need is to #CutTheSnakeAtTheHead - please watch this video with #MichaelHudson and #PepeEscobar @pepeescobar1

RESP TWEET @RichardJMurphy
ALL DUE RESPECT - I happen to agree w @ElizabethUKRPG  Epstein set #PrinceAndrew up. When Prince Andrew &his wife stayed away from Epstein's sexcapades by sunbathing on other part of the island, he got a helicopter to take pics to extort him  #MafiaStyle #CutTheSnakeAtTheHead

@gpovanman writes emphasis on this because he cares and wants others to care #CutTheSnakeOffAtTheHead Prince Charles Twitter acct won't pull up so I will add @ElizabethUKRPG #GodSaveTheQueen  

Posted  8/22/2021 ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

Please spread the word to those who may want to give this dedicated couple support. Martin Tyner sb awarded for his decades of tireless dedication. I hope they can retire soon &pass the baton.

The Tyners drive to California to  meet and greet with their rescued birds. πŸ¦πŸ¦…

The media have not EARNED the right to own anything but a room at Gitmo, which Trump had remodeled as a hotel. #BeholdAPaleHorse - see  comments on Video: https://youtu.be/cbJya-Y47Cw

@How9876543210 @bobforgovernor @truthstreamnews @mediamonarchy
#kisstheground movement is all about DECEPTION. #SunriseCT instead!
Behold A Pale Horse
#EnemyWithin USA plans

@How9876543210 @bobforgovernor
BTW, #COVID19  has an ancestor. The SOCIOPATHIC scientists obviously named it after ovid.lib.virginia.edu/ovidillust.html 

Alexa was fired and is now Melissa♥️πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ§‘ Enjoy this game Jimmy plays with @melissamccarthy
On @FallonTonight

Eeny meeny miny Mena,
Jimmy has a blast with
#BestTimes With #JohnCena

BlancoLirio Report
Crash of a birdog, fatality in Canada
Canada lost one of its birddogs
#FatalAccident #PlaneCrash
17Aug2021 #GlenAndFriends @cpowellschool
My question is, Who took over CIA front #ThayerAerospace missions?

My comment:

John B Thayer III was one of founders of Synchrony Bank. That information is removed now but John B Thayer IV is listed as a President or other high office at Synchrony Bank in Florida.

Florida seems to be their main den of financial CORRUPTION. Consider the controlled demolition collapse of an apartment bldg in Miami FLORIDA - murdering hundreds of people at the least. McCafee's 34 Terabytes of files were deliberately destroyed,which leads me to believe he faked his death in Brazil. He was wanted for murder. He should have been tried overseas. It's not like the US feds had anyone transport him back - why's that?
I have some notes which may interest those who have time. I will be posting them when I finish taking notes of the videos
   I created a blogpost on fallontalon.com - notes are added as I get back to listening. I listened to this twice before and can't find my notes I wrote. I'm posting them in my blog, which can be copied for reference and you can improve them yourself as you listen, if you want.

Behold A Pale Horse
Webcast replaying now...

Video: https://youtu.be/cbJya-Y47Cw
Behold A Pale Horse

... I'll be back HERE with notes on that webcast from my other phone - probably tonight. It was powered down by Technocrats! I just got this phone from T-Mobile. They also gave me a Moxy tablet😁 and I have the Magenta plan on both. UNLIMITED for people over 50. Great discount πŸ‘. Really great service. πŸ’›
McCafee's Security software is on my phone and it may be a problem because insiders may not like my relaying what I discover on internet. I want to save people time, so I created my blog for that purpose and have another blog going now too.

Rummy Rummy Rummy he's got love in his tummy
Cocktail recipe with lemon garnish by #GlenAndFriends

Search McAfee and Clinton Crime Syndicate...
He may have murdered someone but could be set-up. Hillary is the Grand Dame of the Temple of Set, which Mike Aquino created. 

Explains how #NickLeeson destroyed England's oldest and beloved bank
Dear Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II πŸ’›❤️πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘ Nick Leeson is a treasonous person. He enjoyed cheating and enjoyed collapsing the oldest and most beloved bank in England.
    My Hunch, Leeson wasa member of the Illuminati.
🚦⛽πŸššπŸš’πŸš› #RAMAway
@Scottymechanic Dear Diary, I wanted that beast! I was blocked from entering. Why? Why? Why?  But the ads weren't blocked! #GimmeSomeFreedom #IWantSomeFun

Tucker Carlson claims conspiracy
I agree
But I question his sincerity
He may be following a script
NY got short end of the stick? THE POLITICIANS STEAL From good people, and killing them is common practice too! Benjamin Lawsky filed a nefarious multibillion lawsuit against Paris, which traded with Iran - during OBAMA administration, and OCraphead acted like he was an advocate of Iran! He had no intent to help Iran! He never carried out the Iran Deal! And Trump is part of the same SATANIC UNDERGROUND script! So are Biden, Clintons, Bushes! TRAITORS TO USA!

By @history_yt

#LuisSalazar of @wuauquikunaoff1
#SalazarBrothers will be performing one hour before Fabian - I sure miss them performing together! Luis is at 10am EST and Fabian is at 11am

Scotty says he's Running Away ☹️
You tease!
Today, Saturday, I didn't get a notification or find your Livestreaming. I just submitted my Judicial Complaint, that probably has alot to do with it. I need to update that blogpost so I guess I'll do that since I can't watch what I want.  (fallontalon.com - blogpost is Judicial Complaint)
Don't Forget;
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Or Try this


References on PubliusRoots.com
http://www.publiusroots.com/2021/08/transcript-of-hearing-fraudulent.html?m=1 of



Pan Flute from the Mountains with #LuisSalazar 🧑♥️πŸ’šπŸ€ŽπŸ€ŽπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’› of @wuauquikunaoff1

Hey, we're nailing The Devil's Chessboard at work now! Isn't that great! Employees are made into cartoon characters as an AVATAR. Enjoy Jimmy's take on business happenings 😁 @FallonTonight

#BlancolirioReport - Update on #CAFires #CaldorFire - this is what Connecticut sky looks like now.  Just as you were saying smoke, the sky began looking smokey. No kidding. And the smell of smoke is strong. 
   My comment/rant
Happened during Clinton years. It may have been CAUSED BY MAN. That's about when the Oklahoma attack was. Joe Biden was a leg in that. He tried to get his antiterrorism bill passed Just like 9/11 - it was #MadeInUSA. A good man, Jeff Sensenbrenner wrote THAT antiterrorism bill. He was approached. He noticed how it was being exploited to break in people's homes without a warrant, so he amended it REQUIRING a warrant. But police repeatedly try to get away with breaking the law in Connecticut. Their state police used to be quite professional but after the FAKE Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, many good ones gave up their careers, quit. They may have become employed at local police departments, left the state, or changed careers. The dirtbag politicians like the governor even - promoted the lie and spent, spent, spent - money that was wasted. Adam Lanza didn't even exist! Mrs. Lanza only had one one son and he lived in New Jersey.
Feel free to copy any notes and use them for your purposes. The blog is ad-free, not monitored. There are some fixes I need to make yet. I didnt even have access to it for 18 months - Richard Blumenthal and conspirators took my blog down when I shared info on Brett KAVANAUGH being an obvious career CRiMINAL, covering up the murder of Vincent Foster for Bill Clinton, etc. The video made by  this person who knew KAVANAUGH was shit down by YouTube.  Hopefully my notes will be useful. Good People helped me  get my blog back and it took a while to fix it since my domain was shut down. We need to hold the crooks in Washington, DC ACCOUNTABLE. It's a den for organized crime and they don't care who they hurt. They are into the sociopaic SATANISM, etc. My own poor-rich  uncle stole my social security number and used it when he purchased a Mercedes Benz for his wife, flatlining my credit. He also told me I was never going to amount to anything, I was stupid, and more. The bank wouldn't have him charged for fraud. They instead told ME to call my uncle as if I was a prosecutor. Obviously he was a CIA operative. He worked at the Pentagon. I was "lucky" to know that was what flatlined my credit. They showed me so I could get it fixed right away. Of course the mafia always had a stranglehold on the credit bureaus so they continued to target me, no thanks to Attorney Capone, whose brother was so deep the mafia took him out. Jay Capone owned The Holiday Inn in Watertown, NY and Jay's Chevrolet in Syracuse, NY and so much more - bought with crime money. My father struggled making money with his business and fending off crooks. And they almost killed me when I told a sex trafficker that he was a pig. Their town truck slammed into me when I was 18. And he was laughing about it when I bwentbto my first pretrial hearing 6months after - my attorney had to make sure I was off crutches and looked healthy to help them, not me. I was in ICU 2 1/2 weeks and my mother and brother were telling me to die. They almost succeeded, which would have been money in their pocket. My father wasn't like that. Well, I'm not trying to win a publicity contest. In fact, please keep me out of the equasion.  These SOCIOPATHIC presidents are also extreme narcissists. Dr. San Vaknin has explained how they think and behave. They love attention. Any kind of attention. What I love is justice, which gets little attention in this country. Because the politicians are oftentimes crooks or get removed for eradicating crimes - like Trump did to his cabinet and other administration staff. Jeff Sessions took down the largest crime ring in the world - Alpha Bay. Over 61,000 accounts. And Trump fired him - he refused himself from the Russian Collusion crap that Rod Rosenstein endorsed as reverse psychology for Trump, to get the public to rally around him. He asked Trump for Military support to make the largest arrest sting in history, resulting from Alpha Bay takedown, NSA Mile Flynn found a lot of high profile paedophiles - Trump.was sure to be charged for even murder through plea agreements. So to tidy things up, he fired the good people who were eradicating the crooks! James Mattis had USMC bomb the CIA opium factories in Afghanistan. Trump fired Mattis. Pompeo was up for criminal charges. They raided his CIA offices when Pompeo went on a trip out of the country - probably to spur war somewhere. Pompeo owned Thayer Aerospace - an obvious CIA front that CAUSED plane crashes. He dissolved the company to destroy records. John B Thayer was a banker who started Synchrony Bank after the Titanic SANK. Sink-sank, get it? Our country has been hijacked by career CRIMINALS who were even on USGov payroll. Trump's VS about foregoing his pay was instead pay to play! How the hell could Pelosi  let him allocate his pay to the department or agenc of his choice? It's all about feeding pockets, and those pockets run deep!

  (His wife Julie tastes finished recipe)
Yum. I would use peas. Great idea about 2 cups of shredded cheese with white sauce.
    My comment
Those Kraft Mac And Cheese boxes are good for very low income people, soup kitchens, and more. They also are useful to have incase you get forced to stay at home for a while. And frankly, I hope to God a massive arrest occurs which would require us to stay at home. USA needs to clean up Washington DC. #TimeToDoTheLaundry

Livestreaming now 22Aug2021
#LuisSalazar Native music - Sunday In The Mountains 

Consider how many records Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, Donald Trump, and now Joe Biden are DESTROYING to f-up the country #TraitorsArePresidents in USA

@ElizabethUKRPG - CUT THE SNAKE OFF AT THE HEAD  #IntelligenceMatters
@XiJimping #WhiteKnights #ColinPowell @VladimirPutinim @Russia @presidentAssad @PMOIndia @HassanRouhani @Iran_GOV @pepeescobar1
@cpowellschool @bobforgovernor

Posted Also 8/22/2021 πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒΈ 

Juan Browne, commercial pilot and 

Very helpful channel #BlancolirioReport 

Relays Washington DC is grabbing more outside the military to send to Afghanistan πŸ™ 


I've had great concerns they will also use Coast Guard - I suspect the military are sick of putting up with lousy CFR, so Washington DC is trying to even activate Boeing #ThirdPartyMilitary like #Blackwater, which changed their name to ACADEMI, since BetsyvWetsy Devos' brother owns it and Bush's and Obama's BS made him a freaking billionaire as an American-made Taliban! #KnowTheEnemy  

Also - Posted 8/22/2021








I've had concerns they will use Coast Guard - I suspect military are sick of putting up w lousy CFR. Washington DC is trying to also activate Boeing #Blancolirio 


Writer for Newsweek. I followed him because he reported this, even though the founder of Newsweek was obviously compromised by CIA some years ago. Most likely abducted and physically abused. 


@XiJimping @HassanRouhani #AbolhassanBanisadr @Iran_GOV @VladimirPutinim - Good! #ILoveIran #ILoveChina #ILoveRussia #ILoveAfghanistan - do you realize that both Afghanistan and Pakistan are also members of #ShanghaiOrg ? @cpowellschool



#SunriseCT 23Aug2021 - If there was a hurricane in New England, I didn't see it. I live by Milford, CT.  

This third picture is from yesterday, 22Aug2021. 

And this fourth is 21Aug2021

Posted 8/23/2021 ☁️⛈️🌦️🌧️🌩️☁️⛈️πŸŒ€πŸŒ¦️🌧️🌩️🌩️🌧️🌦️πŸŒ€

⛈️☁️ August 24, 2021 

Mike is the favorite
Breaking Bad
character of @Scottymechanic

FABIAN SALAZAR ❤️ 7min visit


How nice! missed you because I was working on my blogposts. This is one:
With Pepe Escobar from Brazil and Michael Hudson - economists
Wow. Do you know about Shanghai Organization? Exciting. https://www.fallontalon.com/2021/08/superimperialism.html?m=1

Shared by #SunriseCT - who doesn't love a sunset, Too? Stay away from #FearPorn - we are not killing ourselves with anybody's song, like MIT's book proselytizes: "Limits To The Grove" #SCO #PepeEscobar #MichaelHudson @XiJimping @ElizabethUKRPG @Iran_GOV @HassanRouhani 


     Sharing a WTF Moment 😱

Book: Limits To The Grove, proselytizing End Of The World's Natural Resources, which is illogical on many levels - even proven to be propaganda - like Meinkampf was. 

Source: MIT, 1972 

Secret place the President's Secret Society, Bohemian Club meets: THE GROVE   https://youtu.be/N5vMtLOUvpY


#FabianSalazar of @wuauquikunaoff1
Colors Of The Wind

Tropical Storm Henry
Quick rundown on the Tropical Storm in New England and New York by @NBCNews

He calls Tropical Storm Frederick "A Win"

Dr. Bozo from Texas proselytizing COVID BS
My comment:  THERE'S NO PANDEMIC! The word itself is an adjective meaning world wide. This doctor"s daughter from lawschool should see the AGENDA. Her teachers should see the AGENDA. The point is It's all BS - get your treatment from a colonoscopy!
China intercepted the real bioweapon made in North Carolina, just like they made Spanish Flu = MODUS OPERANDI
Welcome To Superimperialism!

POSTED 24Aug2021 πŸ†πŸ’♥️πŸŒΈπŸ’™πŸ™„πŸ™


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