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Video: In Quest of A Multiple Economic World Order with Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar

Stay tuned. I'll post my notes when done. 


πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I also suggest you see my blogpost on this video, reflecting PREDICTED PROGRAMMING, Illuminati,etc. 

    Behold A Pale Horse, by William Cooper.

I need to finish it, so please bare with me if it isn't it done when you look at it. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

In Quest of A Multiple Economic World Order with Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar - 2hr webinar

Rama Hadsuck, moderator

    OMG, she's crazy saying Obama is her boyfriend. That's the demented mentality in this country. She's just the moderator. Only a traitor to this country can be President.  That's proven time and time again! CIA is their mafia. 

#MyOpinionsAreMyOwn #DecideForYourself 

Henry George School

International Union For Land Value Taxation

Michael Hudson
Professor at Univ of Kansas in MO
Researchers at Levi Institute at Bart College
Former Wall Street analyst
Political Consultant

Teacher at University of Sustainability in Hong Kong

J is for ---- economics
πŸ–€Killing the host, the bubble, and beyond
πŸ–€ Superimperialism - the economic strategy of the American Empire

Trade Development and Foreign Debt in the midst of Aid

His books have been translated to Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian

Pepe Escobar
Born in Brazil
Writes for Asia Times
Column for Consortium News And Strategic --- Moscow
--Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, Iran, Iraq, The Wider Middle East

His book
   ---Liquid War
Editor To The Empire --- Crescent

The Raging 20's - his new book

New Silk Road mentioned

Pepe currently lives in Bangkok

Superimperialism, pub 1971
   America dominates the world

Once there was no gold --- Americans invested in US Treasury bonds -- to finance war

How To Do It book mentioned
Defense Dept.    And.   CIA

This superimperialism has become a new beast

US rivalry w/ economic systems.

Conflicts don't change - type of economic system is the challenge

Since 1980: Financial Sector said, "We need liberty" .
    They put all duties in the hand of Wall Street
    'Free Market"

    "It's a kind of RESURGENT"
    (Not good!)

Mixed economy - supposed to free us from landlords, etc. Gov decides who they found.
8min 35 sec

Objective: Financing all types of businesses including public transportation and utilities.

England's Banks don't loan money to factories. They make money to take overother assets. 80% are mortgage loans

USA does this. That's what created the middle class of USA. (the middle class by its own--)
.Mortgage loans become an economic rental value - paid to the banks.

The 1% are the too financiers, most are evil. Trying to group what they can.

Finance - Real Estate - Insurance

(Obama had all state departments of Insurance - change to Dept of Economic Security. A whole lot of people, like myself, got cheated. They fraudedwhat they could and just outright REFUSED to act on my complaint. That's criminal. Their account was at Chase Bank, in Chicago, IL - though my checks were not all from Chicago, they said their money was just in Chicago.

Lapse of Capitalism in the West - back to fuedalism with a final twist.

10min 35sec

USA can't do China what they did to Russia

Fake wealth to individuals
  Like they want a Boris Yeltsin figure in China - "dream leader"

Individuals believe they are in control, yet they are stranded by banks

Russia and China won't let that happen

American Financial System is unable to take over foreign resources, foreign agriculture - left only with military means of grabbing them.  Near East and Ukraine do this.

🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑 I have many more notes back soon. 

The Overall framework was Just described.

3 Sovereign Powers 
  Russia, China, Iran

Main hub and main focus 

They are actively working for a change of the rules for the past 7 years

Hudson says, No it isn't going to happen (USA seeking control over Britain) 

Putin emphasized recently that US is no longer agreement capable 
This goes against the grain of the New Merger plan 

Do you think this is still realistically possible? 

World Bank - created to make all countries dependant
    TAKEOVER of Foreign Agriculture 

Capitalism via Bretton Woods
  Appropriating Lands And Resources
To make them dependant on 

World Bank 

Motive: They'll all be sucked into USA

Centralizing the world's economy with USA=impossible! 

America got a free lunch - soending, financing, & face imploding now 

Sanctioning Russia and China to steal money -,US just grabs them! 

Russia and China are reading with each other's currency - no more USD 

China provides free education - results is economy expands 

USA is picking and choosing - results 
is economy implodes 

Healthcare and railroads are free

US just figures they can print what they want
     Dick Cheney said this 
     Donald Trump said this 
    (Of course, Obama printed craploads of money through the Treasury - thanks to Timothy Geitner. Who has remained in The Treasury to this day! They rely on him as a control. The BS about Trump wanting all Republicans in the Whitehouse should be an obvious lie to the public. Jeff Sessions recommended Trump fire Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein, who Trump hired for nefarious purposes. Here Rosenstein endorsed the Trump Collusion crimes - as an obvious public deception. Jeff Sessions' couldn't do anymore to support Trump's rights. He had certain duties and Powers. Rod Rosenstein was given power to prosecute criminal charges. Notice the Devil's Chessboard at work. Considering how they are placed in office. Idiotic Trump complained Sessions recused himself 

    Instead of defending Trump! 
That's NOT the duty of AG! 

Rich people have choke coins 
   Economic rent 
   Adam Smith 
   John ---

They promote: To Free Economies From Economic Rent 

American Economy is all about extracting rent.
   Real Estate 
  Health Insurance
   Infrastructure Sector 

Economy has been saturated 

Result is fight of Economic Systems against China and Russia 

There's more..

Feudalism Agenda 
1% is their top wealthy 
Democratic - Socialism 

(We have the confines of SOCIALISM, absolutely - a govt that does as it damn pleases - completely disregarding laws. Yet we look like a duck and talk like a duck but cannot walk like a duck - because we're stuck from Corruption!) 

Are we going towards a divorce of financialization? 

Consider what US imports and exports 

We're hostages of Hollywood 

InfoTech - they control the social network all over the planet 

Big Pharma 
 ? - prefers to invest in financial engineering instead of building decent products 

The New Silk Road

Sustainable development strategy

The Dichotomy could not be clearer 

.01% is the TOP WEALTH
New Zealand 
    (I missed a few names) 

Everyone wants to do business with China 😁

Are we going towards a divorce of the American Financial System?

Incompatibility with Industrial Democracy 
Late 19th Century 

Landlords fought back 

Austrian School --- 

Individual Marginalists 

  Actually gave power to the oppressors 
 -- violence, armies could talk over, impose client dictatorship 
    Like Pinochet (Chile) 
    Or Neo-NAZIs in Ukraine

They call that a free Market! 

The Free World was a world concept that was centrally-planned by the American Military and finance together. 

The dynamic of this world is shrinking. 
It is polarizing. 
(ie, through COVID-19 Agenda) 

Other economies that do not haveabanking class and a landlord class controlling the economy are back to work, functioning. 

Rather, government-industry and labor all work together to design how we provide the financing for industry and it can provide not only Industrial capital formation but public funding for us to build infrastructure and uplift the population. What China is doing is what made America rich in the 19th century.  What made Germany rich - exactly the same, logical engineering plan. This plan is a growing economy. 

USA is a shrinking economy

Europe had a choice on paper. Yet in reality they were being controlled, especially through bribing politicians. 

Motive: how can I get rich and then get richer?  BIG BRIBES GO INTO POLITICS 

Two incompatible economic systems clash - and someone wins 
   USA uses force and Corruption

People who obtain their wealth in crooked ways fight like hell to keep their πŸ’° money - they resort to more crime! 

Yet those economies who create wealth (labor, capitol) they aren't willing to resort to those means. 

Productive Economic growth force in Eurasia. 

Ukraine is rebirthing into the old NAZI movement. 

President Vladimir Putin tmreninds his people and the world how many Russians died and 
"We're not gonna let it happen again" 

Russia is certainly not going to be sucked into invading Ukraine

The US has military advisors in Ukraine now

US is needling Russia to fight. Russia stands down to false flags and political pressure. 

US retaliates by lying about Russia attacking the West.

Most likely Ukraine will become a wasteland. The people of Ukraine mean nothing to the USA - they want to use, lose, and dispose. 

10% of Ukraine moved to Russia.

American Plan

     Victims of the American Plan

Immigration of skilled labor 
Sharp reduction in Cost Of Living 
Decline in Population

Fake appearance of income - increase comes from rent collections 

GDP growth = landlords, monopolists 

Employees don't share GDP. Elite enjoy it. 

America is facing the same collapse as Rome had!

US financial timeframe is short term. 
Whereas Eurasia is long term. 

Biden's stimulus bill is only for survival

When things like COVID happen, European countries have a financial pause - people don't get behind on rents, etc. Due to the COVID crap. 

China and Russia are already back to normal. 

Washington just gives these checks out to pay the banks, landlords. They just help people try to get out of the hole they've been in for the last 12 months. It's a partial desperation payment. 

Near East, Babylonia - others wipe out all arrears and start in a normal position. In US, they don't do that. They just keep taking. 

Ukraine - sanctions - provocations 
 (US just bombed Syria again. They are  Provocations - or as I would say, inciting war) 

Greece's collapse was a dress rehearsal to destroy the EuroZone 

The US wants to satellite Everyone


I need to resume tomorrow. I'm pooped.  

I need to resume tomorrow. I'm pooped. 

One at threat is Italian COMMUNISM
     (Search Tarzian Mafia if you have time) 

Leading anti-NAZI groups were obliterated 

Similar splits are occurring in other countries

"kabooky theater" 
 Like Groundhog Day of fragmentation of bombs 
  This has convulsed Brazil

Basic Themes 
Class War against Labor
Was against mixed economics 

 Unipolar Renteer Dominance 

A few years ago, Brazil was 3d strongest power

Now, Brazil is 12th and dropping 
Mafia have taken them over

Larger than live press conference - to make Brazil's leader  look like a statesman 

Obama-Biden scheme. 2013 
Biden visited Brazil for 3days.
A week after Biden "visited" 

BRAZIL REVOLUTION broke out - was orchestrated by Dirtbag politicians! 

This Civil War rolled into 2016 

The CarWash Operation mentioned, which resulted in arrest of probably the allicated main brain of that operation 

Now, Brazil has been struggling to recover, yet with significant scars and easy target for Biden to finish them off using the organized crime of the world. 

Brazil was paying 45% interest! 
(This is what happened to Greece) 

Pretending to be American Imperialists but actually being local Imperialists

Towards the end of "Ahlula's" reign, his administration brought financial advisors

Jimmy Gulbreith 
Randy Ray 
Michael Hudson (speaker on this video) 

For a discussion for a recovery plan. The banks expected Lula to agree to their terms, thus constricting what he could do for the economy. Lula felt that he had to go along.

Financial wealth is addictive
πŸ’° πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
It's like cocaine 

Brazil is almost corrupt as New York State, said Michael Hudson

 Even more! says Pepe Escobar

They wanted totalitarianism - control by Financial Class 

Brazil takes racial terms there - 
Things pointed to their desire to exterminate the majority of the population - that wants to use the land that feeds it ---.....

To be continued after I finish watching Luis SALAZAR ❤️ and FABIAN SALAZAR
(About 12:30 EST) 

10% of Ukraine have scattered in England and Europe. 

They seem to be forming like Latvia and other neo- liberalized countries. 


There's more 

Resume At 59:07 min

You see the kind of race war - ethnic war they have, not to mention the Brazilian blacks in the slums. 

Model for US - Brazil is a test run for social engineering? Target Practice? 

5-yr Plans differ
 Most likely a 
Plan A ?
Plan B ?
Plan C ?  
  Incase one doesn't work, they have a fallback? Like Bill Gates did with the WUHAN Virus Agenda. 

Meantime, China is full speed ahead! 
And Russia is too! 

🌼Socialism with Confuscious elements
🌸Combined with Daoism 

When you have a leadership capable of planning... 
    Our dichotomies and State Planning whither you away from social benefits

Fine Tuning 

Over 3,000 recommendations from various regions 

Frontal Shock of two systems! American puppets may eventually see which way the world blows

Biggest Elements: Housing are a way to get rid of it. Tax Land rebt, real estate, bank. From 40% to 10% - this will flatline banks because they rely so heavily on income from property mortgages. 

Purpose of Housing - to force people into debt and banks end up with all land rent.

Low Cost Education
Private Healthcare 

If we were like China, the top heavy businessworld would (whine and) 

create a revolution 

And ofcourse, the lives of the Elite won't
ever be at stake.

10million people are geared to be homeless in USA - making homes in subways? 

Rich getting richer by picking up foreclosed homes.

Concept resonates: the global economy would work with 20% of the population.
    Is that what's going on?

Viscious escalation in conversation with globalists in 1970's - 
   Michael shares his experience

Cosmic Inversion is happening today

They discuss what could happen - ultimately NUCLEAR WAR , which would end civilization. 

1hr, 30min. About 30 min left 
Posted 8/22/2021 


I have finished watching the last half and  took notes. I want to relisten to pick up words I missed.  And then I will type the notes. It is 10:20 pm Sunday night. I will finish this tomorrow πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ§‘ 


Barbarianism concept will result in ATOMIC WAR 


Michael contradicts himself when he thinks President Putin may conspire with JOE BIDEN to attack UK and build a force that may last a few years. Yet he did emohasize this as a possibility.
    He is somehow convinced that USA will win Putin over. 
    Biden refused to meet with Putin personally. 
       (all I can think of is a saying, It's one thing for people to think you're dumb. But when you open your mouth, you remove all doubt. Biden doesn't want one on one talk)

Putin laid the law down: 
We Will defend if you attack 


(Putin has visited the UK, spoken to the Queen in public, emphasizing Russia wants no war. ...
Which is not is not on the PM's menue ever! 
   I greatly disagree he would ally with USA at this point) 

USA sabatoged contract after contract! 

So Michael is now acknowledging Russia doesn't trust USA. They are such repeat offenders breaking bonds, are now referred to as:

(David) Michael tends to emphasize the gloom and doom of American politics. Could the  concept of mutualism be a solution? Societies within Societies. Do you have a relationship with Richard Wolfe, Michael? Is this an opportunity for -- are these avenues - opportunities for people to come together? 

  Successful Mutualism 
      Farmers Market
      Small factories
      Public Banking 

Mutualism Is Impossible
   DOT projects 
   Oil companies

The capital element blocks Mutualism.
One mutual group can cut off another.
Labor Unions complain about Mutualism
Purdon wanted to tax the land
Poverty of Philosophy 
Philosophy of Poverty

Purdon wanted  Mutualism

(My Note: the funny thing is about the Progressive concept. It was created by Roosevelt when he was a Presidential candidate who wanted to win the election. He created the Progressive Party and it was added to the ballot. 
Since it worked for him, Ted Cruz tried it with the Tea Party. The TP committed tax evasion, fraud. Yet Jay Sekulow defended Lois Lerner at the hearing the Senate had, to determine whether Lerner committed any crime. Sekulow worked for her before he founded ACLJ -which in my opinion was a Washington gimmick to take charity money for nothing. Most likely he became richer from it too. A typical self-enrichment.  In my opinion, it only helped the secret societies.

Sekulow went to work as a council to TRUMP.
I need to take a nap. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around all this. 
3:02 pm ... I'll be back 


Q: The US Constitution Preamble refers to a more perfect union concept. Should red and blue become purple - to reascert the goals? 

A/Michael: We already have a purple. We have the red Wall Street and red industries- no, blue Wall Street. Both are one happy purple and in control of the political system.

Walter Horn then asks: What's the new law that prevents or will prevent third parties from forming? 

A/Michael:  The law has 700 pages. If you look at it, "naked capitalism" website is a site run by Eve Smith - she has a whole citation of the articles that explain why .  It's aimed to prevent the Green Party or any other kind of reform party. The idea is to absolutely prevent the alternative to the hard-line, Democratic pro-Wall Street pro-Pharmaceutical industry. Essentially, you're gonna have Obama Economics/Obamanomics with a SLEDGEHAMMER aimed particularly against the Black and  Hispanic populations. 

Q/Tom Rossman: So your comments about war reminded me about the Albert Einstein Quote: 

I do not know with what weapons WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones. 

Narratives are known for shifting the economic system. What type of narrative that can shift the window in the direction we all seem to want to go and if there isn't a narrative that could shift the Overton Windiw, is the only alternative a REVOLUTION? Potentially violent Revolution? 

A:   My narrative is write a long history of how civilization has developed.
(Though Michael's information is useful, he may as well have said,

 "I don't know where we go from here. I've been making public intelligent apologies for USA." 

I published the first Volume - to show how civilizations have -- narratives and how the idea was to create resilience- in an economy. 

How you would wipe out the debt, wipe our the debt on each, restore freedom, Liberty for the people. And that worked for thousands of years. I'm just finishing now a second volume. 

The collapse of Antiquity - that's about how Greece and Rome civilizations made a complete break from the Near East.  You couldn't cancel debts. The Western Civilization was Oligargarchic from the beginning. There never was a democracy here. 

    ("Here" were Native Peoples who coexisted in the timeframe he mentions. Those Native Peoples comprised in part the missing tribes of Isreal. Yet also Asian explorers made this country their homeland and speculation that Egyptians drifted here since there are pyramids in this country) 

Except for a very short revolution in the 7th and 6th centuries BC by the tyrants and a democracy -- what we think of as people overthrowing the Oligargarchs.

 That was called tyranny in Greece. 

In Rome it was called sinking kingships 

Because what do kings do? The kings kept the Oligargarchs in place as the tyrants redistribute the land and the cancelled debts in Carthage, Corinth, other Anglo-lead cities. Finally, in ATHENS--after doing it like SPARTA. The thing is - Western Civilization has taken a wrong turn, the A-turn, that earlier civilizations didn't. Then you can see there isn't an -- alternative. 1:43:55 min 
And once you see there is an alternative, there's a narrative that can show a kind of future. 
(He referenced Carl Marx, Marxism. Note, Bill Clinton went to Moscow and studied Marxism when he was drafted for Vietnam. He dodged the draft, saying he went to Canada. Bill Clinton had an obvious designated purpose when born, in my opinion. His real father was GHW Bush. That's why GW Bush wasn't a junior. Bill Clinton was born a month before him. RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT. "Hail, Satan")

And once you see there is an alternative, there's a narrative that can show a kind of future. 

PEOPLE, This video has been rigged by Artificial Intelligence. I just don't believe that Michael Hudson would be so mush-mashy, particularly when he was so spot on in certain segments. AI is used as a weapon! It's not the tool, it's the TOOLMAKER! 

Both Marx -- had a kind of alternative. It worked in the late 19th century - the classical communists had an alternative. I'm trying to read, uh, -- 

I'm now publishing my long lecture series in "chat" 

The West are against alternatives that will make other people prosperous.  Concentration of wealth is in small groups. Capitalism -- and socialism show that there is an alternative and I'm trying to show what is positive in the China system It still needs to be done -- plenty of alternatives - but the fact is 

    (I think AI altered his real dialogue:) 
the West is absolutely set on Fighting

 what is against an alternative (??) 

(I presume he said fighting alternatives that make other people prosperous. I relistened a few times. I suggest you keep these AI tactics in mind) 
that would make other people prosperous as they fought against the Soviet Union in the Cold War. 

You have the ruling classes: 


They want to concentrate all money into their own hand.  They're against the whole wave of Democratic Reform, that the 18th Century was all aboard. 

The 19th Century was all land tax - all for public infrastructure; lowering the cost of doing business. 

(A curiosity I have, which professional profilers would determine: 

Could it be that in every lifetime span, the Illuminati were trying to create a NWO? Yet they were always intercepted - as messy as those interceptions were, the Illuminati certainly did not achieve taking over the US Government - to take over the world) 
     I'll return with more notes♥️πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘♥️πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘♥️πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘♥️πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘

 This is what had been taught in the business schools - all "that" has been extracted -- social thought and memory hold, as George Orwell would say. 

(George Orwell created "Animal Farm" - I think in 1984) 

     (More AI interruption, I presume) 
So, you have to let people know that there's been a whole crisp history -- not only civilization, but as recently in the 19th century of all -- appear civilization was going ...

There was a book called 
and I don't see how a counter-revolution -- 

Antiwar is propaganda against Russia 
Because who's trying to avoid war? Russia. 

So if you believe what Obama believes, 

     (WTF - more AI!)

And you want a peaceful world  

Then you're a Putinista 

Moderator: He's my boyfriend after all. David, he has a question for Pepe 

  (Relistening, they obviously got AI to alter that segment. No mention of a question for both Michael and Pepe - it was JUST Pepe Escobar. Maybe in real life Michael didn't actually answer the narrative question so they just figured Michael H was'burned out' and needed some brain rest; or the video was altered by AI to confuse the hell out of us) 

Q/David: What do you think of the possibilities that Lula can 
a.Be allowed to win an election in Brazil
b. Return to Brazil to be the B in Bricks? 
(Bricks is a labor union which Russia supports, yet the wealthy Elites in Brazil want slave labor)

(Speaking of BRICKS, I don't always like the History Channel's  videos but this gives good information on importance of bricks - they help build higher buildings that won't collapse.)

Wow, assuming he would run and win an election - the first thing he would do, of course, is get the B in Bricks - 
Which is not only important in terms of policy, but -- 
He was one of the main drivers of the Brick Union. Because Putin can see,as I get from our Moscow connections - they are dying for it to happen 

Their minister in Foreign Affairs cannot express this in public, especially the Chinese - the Chinese are very reactive and very cautious in terms of admitting their opinions on internal policy, even if they are allies. 

I'm trying to get some feedback from Russia allies in the next few days about what happened to Brazil these past few days, In fact, and see how the Kremlin view the possibility of getting back into the game. 

But the most important thing is - will he be allowed to be back in the game? 

Considering the kabooky configuration -- deal in the shadows. 

Lula is a master negotiator 
   -- involves military

.0001% are the wealthy, ignorant, arrogant, ruling class. (Lula needs to "massage" them) 

He needs to convince the markets --

equivalent of all US networks - same interest of Brazilian ruling class.  Same monopolistic interests in terms of counter-movement; trolling the public for information -mass of Braziians.

Now at least there is a counter movement. But they still are losing ground. But they still look at the HPM newscast in Brazil every night. People who are --
.or in the deserts of the North East, they are tuning in to them and they get their news from GLOBAL OPEN TV. Not paid cable. 

So if Lula, is wow, this is TITANIC that --if he's able to navigate all these interests and prove to them he's good for their business - so this means you have to make a lot of concessions- just like Michael explained to us in the beginning - he had to make concessions when he was first elected. Otherwise, and even with that, he managed to turn a little bit of the game around - in terms of bringing 30 million people out of Poverty, min wage, you name it. And scholarization. Basic income for alot of people in the middle of nowhere. The negotiation will be much harder than the early 2000's. 

Before Shekenov - by the way. It's crazy to remember the first Lula government - came to power 2 months before Shekenov. Anniversary is next week. 
There's more...

It's extremely complicated. To explain the international audits. The complexity of the game in Brazil is absolutely mind-boggling. And the absolute majority of Brazilians have no clue what's going on. Because it's one fragmentation after another. It's likes symbiotic free-for-all. Completely crazy - there's only one person that could be able to pull that off and that would be Lula.

Moderator: Praise be to Lula! 

Q/Zachary Fittah: Pepe, what do you believe is the future of the Shanghai Corporation - Organization? Will it become stronger and more closer alliance between its member states - or sort of like NATO -or will it keep a loose association? Is India going to orient it? I'm curious about Baton Woods? Two economists? Caine and Buchanan? 
Break free from Baton Woods? Are Russia and China going to break free? 

Shanghai Corporation Otg - shown in the screen...
aka SCO or Shanghai Pact .. Wikipedia
Formed 25June2001. Formerly signed June 2002. In force Sep 2003. 

Always a sense of denial in West - that it was a philosophy of development. 
Natural Resources
    All should be free 

Privatization in the West is destructive to society - they didn't have a vested interest - 
Which the West resents all the more. He mentions Venezuela uses it's oil for public. US attacks Venezuela because they are part of the Pact, SCO. 

This section was removed by AI when I relistened: 
To attack Iran, give it to the drug dealers to run --
1:55:55 min

Anyone in the West who tries to do something productive, you marginalize him.

China, Russia, Iran - growing. USA wants to fight the growth and use military force. The USA find color revolutions so they have to dissipate the wealth they create in military overhead and match the military overhead for the USA - so the idea is to
make Ukraine as Afghanistan
Pepe agrees with Michael. 

What gives China and Russia advantage - Defense is only 10% expensive as offense. 
     I expect more AI is changing dialogue.  
     (WTF? Offensive measures are peaceful! USA leaders are inciting war)

America needs a huge offense. And it means a huge corruption base to be offensive. 

America had to talk to European politics 
    Corrupt the labor union
     So, what could corrupt the educational system
     Corrupt the media into a junk media 
     Junk economy
        Enormous profits from Industrial Complex 

America's versions of industrial capitalism

      ?? ?? 
China and Russia develop the high-speed missiles - the Defense missiles to stop it 
     They're not being bled.
 They're not gonna be Russia's Afghanistan
It's Americanized Afghanistan

It changed so much these past few years, says Pepe

Shanghai Corporation
🌸Is against Separatism
πŸ’They are now a trade-building organization

India and Pakistan are members and will soon be Turkey and Iran 😁

The solution for Afghanistan is debated by them for years now.

     (Should CEO be SCO?)
They want a mass-CEO solution for the problem - especially neighbors converging 

So what the Americans are proposing...Plan B's or C's or 
They know these things are never gonna work; and they have a direct convo with Afghanistan because Afghanistan is an associate member of the SCO

So it makes total sense - we see them all converging. You have the Eurasian economic union, Shanghai Org.
The Silk Road Initiative. The Asian Constructing investment. Everybody is converging and following more or less the same past. And sooner or later you're gonna have a total integration of all these organizations.

All working for a COMMON PURPOSE
Of Security, of course, but especially in terms of business.

Mike: So the Question is why aren't other people discussing like you and I are - discussing-

Why aren't people people talking about this? There's NOTHING in the NU Times or the Media 

International Land Value Taxation hasca website (video sounded like = WTF) 
     The End 

Now I'm going to resume notes on BEHOLD A PALE HORSE

7:56pm Monday 23Aug2021


Robert Mueller III Report
Part 1 of 2



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