Cut The Snake At The Head

Many claimed the WTC was a snake...and ironically the CIA cut their heads off using drones the shape of miniature Boeing planes, filled with explosives. ..

And mass-murdered thousands of Americans = #OperationTraitor 

Search on September 11 EXPLOSION and this is what appears - even though a Boeing plane can't explode. Their fuel is made to combust on impact, to protect passengers. 

Hon. Colin Powell was in Peru when this attack occurred. His advisors told him a small plane hit the first tower. NOT A BOEING like GW Bush said. Shortly after that they called Hon. Powell again and said the other WTC was hit. He then suspected a terrorist hit. Little did he realize at that time the terrorists were domestic! 

I can't finish this as I would like. 

Hon. Powell died - after having the COVID vaccine, probably because he wanted to go overseas and engage in peace projects.😒

Colin Powell wanted to remain General of the forces in the Soviet Union. Yet Bush and Reagan obviously resented his emphasis with harmonizing, working together. They wanted to keep the friction going to play out the Freemason-Illuninati agenda. 

Colin Powell was tossed like a basketball by the Whitehouse - BECAUSE he was smarter than them - yet clearly stayed in his lane, which they resented all the more! 

He obviously knew this discourse was a recipe for war. You'd think he would have thrown in the towel and taken a multi-million dollar CEO position. Many companies wanted him. Not just two which went belly-up, as he said. 

"There's no telling what can be accomplished as long as you don't care who gets the credit" - Colin Powell lived this! He always checked his ego at the door. He almost lost his son from a terrible jeep crash, which in my opinion was obviously rigged by insiders. 

The Memorial Service was the first time I saw Michael Powell speak. People told me that he looks just like his dad and he sure does. I bet he shaved his head so they could keep their individuality. 

So that's it. This concept is really more than I can handle anyway. I bit off more than I can chew.  11/9/2021 


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Death rates do NOT exceed population growth and in many cases the death rates have DECREASED these past five years! <Yet they are now frauding this information! > Inserted 10/10/2021 

Says David Knight: 
Bill Gates claims places like South Korea have decreased death rates BECAUSE THEY USE MEASURES SUPERIOR TO USA. 
<Do you think that's a false narrative? I do. I don't know what to make of Mr. Knight now. He may be another psyop. > 10/10/2021 


My testimony leads to the fact that a small group of people actually corrupted this country, in the form of secret societies. 

 Truthstream Media created a 2hr video about Secret Societies which is very informative. I haven't been able to finish this now and will resume when I can.


I'm creating a new blog post titled Coast Guard and here's why: 

Is the Coast-toast? 
RESEARCHERS, Please dive into this! 

URGENT. #Containergeddon  How does #USCoastGuard fit in this? #SandyHook Lighthouse in NJ. Nobody died at #SandyHookSchoolShooting - Obama cheated over $1Trillion from the economy! Erected hundreds of Transgender clinics in 2013 and more! 

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   I suggest you take a look at Lance Clusters' subscriptions on his channel and subscribe to as many as you can. (ChrisFix - I hope networks with Scotty Kilmer. Good people, like-minded, will change the world FOR GOOD)  

Comment by Lance Cluster: Amazon has already gotten into the air freight business. First leasing planes, then buying some used 767's. They have also become a minority owner in Air Transport Services Group, an Airline Leasing Company and also holds warrants to acquire a minority stake in Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings , the parent company of Atlas Air (a large air freight company)  Amazon Leasing Ships should not really be a big surprise. 


Read last if you have time.... 
 #CutTheSnakeAtTheHead My Testimony I grew up in the country, raised up to have morals which include: 1. Be honest 2. Don't steal 3. Serve others when you can 4. Love God, our Creator 5. Be responsible; defend what is right 6. Enjoy life - be happy 7. Follow your instincts We are born to love. We LEARN to hate. Hate has many faces. We can hate corruption. We can hate the shame to humanity when people fail to be responsible. And on the contrary, we hate to give fuel to corruption. One of my brothers demanded I ride double on a bike with a friend while he rode double on a bike with her brother. Her bike had a broken front wheel, which she lost control of when we went down the hill. She fell on top of me. We hit the pavement. I was a mess. I could only work at home for my father for months. I really missed chances to go out, even if it was to the dump. What little I did go in public, I said little because of the dental work. Fortunately, I recovered by the time school started. The next year, My other brother hit me in the mouth with a baseball bat. The dental work was excruciating. Novacaine was delivered in painful areas with no topical anesthetic but I got through it. I remained a close friend to that brother until he chose to be a puppet to a man who acted like he had all the answers. And he was his best man at his wedding. When I was asked to be a bridesmaid, just shortly before the wedding, I didn't realize his wife to be would get such a kick out of forcing me to go bra-less in a dress that required a special bra. I was a modest person. I was running my own fast food game room, resented by siblings, rather than supported. RESPONSIBILITY was being taught to be a sin to all of them. Rather, you go to a "feeding trough". Hook up with the money πŸ’°. Play the role they want you to play, and you're all set. The Christians have as many different sects as the Muslims do, yet ironically blame Muslims for decades, for not having unity. The born - again / holy spirit movement is for the most part a self-hypnosis at which time they claim "Jesus told me" and if you hate your sibling, you are biblical AND BRAVE. If you love your sibling, you are biblical. I'll give you an example of how that works. I had a permanent position, the customs broker lost its major client, General Motors (which was in a large part hooked to the mafia) because they frauded records by declaring less than 40% of their vehicles were made in other countries, which was not true, but they avoided tariffs. The company I worked for did not audit or, worse yet, turned a blind eye πŸ‘️ playing "catch me if you can". And they did get caught. Rather than just tell me they needed to lay me off, they rigged my work done on the computer by altering it. They could do that at that time by just having an access code and changing it and it showed no footprints unless you were an IT expert, which they would never have to be accountable for. Man. I find this such a pain to even type on my phone because if my finger moves, my typing is changed, I get popups, etc. Understand the depraved manipulation that's going on now! My boss called me in his office and fired me. I was doing something I was exceptionally good at, as far as data processing. I was exceptionally good at entering information accurately. I worked many extra shifts, holidays. I finally had an income I could live on and the ones who targeted me for years resented it. They wanted to remind me I was a nobody, good for nothing. They treated my father like this and I hated them for it. My father was orphaned at 4 years old. His father was still alive but in rehab for being an alcoholic, reacting to the corrupted world around him - that just wanted to mass murder everyone. Our government has been run by depraved politicians for a very long time. My father was forced in a an abusive foster home and had to sleep on straw under the porch. Roger Huck was the foster father's son and lapped it right up, treating my father and his brothers so abusively. They were made to take showers in the barn. At 15, he altered his birth certificate to enroll in the military, which is just what depraved politicians wanted, kill more people! Their agenda had no logic, only sociopathic depravity, to include very immoral lifestyles. They murdered people who stood up to them, oftentimes. The Clinton Crime Syndicate has been diligently exposed, yet they still get away with their crimes. Bill Clinton is half brother to GW Bush, which is why GW was not made a junior. Bill Clinton was born a month before him. Don't tell me to prove it. They removed the information on internet that DID prove it! I'm not finished but I'm posting what I have due to constant struggles. I will finish when I can. 9/24/2021

I just discovered this 

I'm hand sewing my curtains, watching videos. As you may know, Barack Obama was a practicing Muslim, CLAIMING he was Christian. Frankly, I believe he was creating a Satanic cult, to fulfill his real father's agenda (Malcolm X; Ann Dunham went to the UN Summit - to see Malcolm X -  before enrolling in her Hawaii university classes)

Mohammed's tribe was called the Koresh.

I bet that's how David Koresh got his name, probably changed it. And he called his cult the Branch Dividians.

I think he was manipulated into creating this cult, to fulfill a dark agenda by Builderberg Group and others.

Video: Is this the real city of Mecca? At about 35 minutes


I'm just wondering after watching @history_yt
Was SNL Comedian #GildaRasberg a Satanic Sacrifice for the #GildedAge since they love wordplay and President #GroverCleveland died of cancer? #MadeInAmerica


WHO THE HELL IS Dr. Beutler? Someone emailed me Crap about him, so I looked up some things on Google. 


 This was one of the centers he claimed to have opinion, his bio is hogwash! Holding all those positions and having time to write 40 research papers and 26 freaking books is 


Psychology center wins innovation award


The National Center on Disaster Psychology and Terrorism,

 a collaboration of Stanford and 

the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, 

has been honored by the American Psychological Association for its innovative and creative approach toward training psychologists in combating terrorism and coping with its consequences. The center will receive $2,500 through a new Award for Innovative Practices in Graduate Education given by the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology at its annual meeting next month in Austin, Texas.

        Common Sense is ONE DIRECTOR per ORGANIZATION! 

         Money is no object when CIA funds it with their crime money! 

          CIA psyop/liar Christine Ford lied about Brett Kavanaugh raping her, then reduced her freaking story to sex assault, that they were friends and he didn't have her permission - and one or more people apparently behind the scenes found out Kavanaugh's school buddy was ALSO involved 

I think both were members of Yale Skull & Bones 

Harvard's Scroll & Key also was mentioned

THEY WERE HAVING A DEVIL'S TRIANGLE! Engaged in perverted sex as part of their secret society requirements! 

    CHRISTINE FORD was attending SCSU located in New Haven, CT at that time! 

SCSU was directly or indirectly involved with the FRAUD of 

     Sandy Hook Shooting! 

     Nobody died! 

      Adam Lanza didn't exist! 

      The FBI special agent in charge reported that and his reports were suppressed! 

       And one of the dirt bag fake parents, David Wheeler,impersonated that FBI agent, in full gear - and he should have landed in prison! Obama probably gave him the outfit because he was there along with about 63 Federal agent vehicles! 

       Tell a lie enough times, it becomes TRUTH! That is the basis of this corrupted world of Psychiatry - though the Psychologists have more propensity to be honest, only a fraction are! 

The rest engage in damaging lives all the more! 

Psychology Professor Philip Zimbardo, one of the center's directors, said the program, based at the Menlo Park Division of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Palo Alto Health Care System, seeks to integrate effective clinical treatment, education and research. In addition to holding conferences and training programs, the center plans to teach appropriate interventions for specific types of incidents, train VA clinicians nationwide and set up data-gathering. "The point is, the Department of Homeland Security has minimized the [effect of the] psychology of terrorism," Zimbardo said. "They've emphasized big-ticket items. They've ignored the impact of the psychology of fear and how a small group of people can spread fear in a large population. We're really fortunate we've had no terrorist attacks [since 2001] because no one is ready for it."




BULLSHIT BIO, my opinion! 

distinguished professor emeritus
director, institute for the study of equine assisted change at palo alto university - NEVADA 
research group advisor, psychotherapy

contact information:
(530) 642-1353
faculty status:


phd, clinical psychology, university of nebraska (1970)
ms, school psychology and counseling, utah state university (1966)
bs, psychology, utah state university (1965)

dr. larry beutler received his phd from the university of nebraska and

 subsequently served on the faculties of duke university medical center,

 stephen f. austin state university, baylor college of medicine, 

the university of arizona health sciences center, and 

the university of california at santa barbara. he is the 

past director of the national center for the psychology of terrorism

 and the continuing director of the institute for the study of equine assisted change at palo alto university (pau).  

he is a distinguished professor emeritus of psychology a previous chair of the faculty, and 

director of clinical training at palo alto university. 

he is also professor emeritus at the university of california, a

 diplomate of the american board of professional psychology (abpp),

 a fellow of both the american psychological association (apa) 

and association of psychological science (aps), 

a past president of divisions 29 (psychotherapy) and 12 (clinical) of apa, and

 a two term past president (international) of the society for psychotherapy research (spr).

 among his citations and achievements,

 he is a recipient of the distinguished career award from spr, 

and a presidential citation for achievement from the apa. 

he has also been honored for his contributions by the states of arizona and california. 

he has published over 40 scholarly articles and chapters and is the

 author or co-author of 26 books on psychotherapy, assessment, and psychopathology.

areas of interest:
psychotherapy outcome and process; trauma and terrorism; chemical abuse treatment; equine assisted therapy; depression; integrative therapy; psychological assessment.

Selected Publications:

Selected Books:

Constantino, M., Castonguay, L. G. & Beutler, L. E. (Eds)(in preparation). Principles of Psychotherapy that Work: Applications, Vol II. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 

Beutler, L. E., Consoli, A., & Bongar, B. (Eds)(in preparation). Comprehensive Textbook of Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice (2nd ed). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Harwood, T. M., Beutler, L. E., & Groth-Marnat, G. (Eds)(2011). Integrative assessment of adult personality (3rd Ed.). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Housley, J., & Beutler, L. E. (2007). Treating victims of mass trauma and terrorism. Gottengen: Hogrefe & Huber.

Norcross, J., Beutler, L. E., & Levant, R. (Eds) (2006). Evidence based practices in mental health: Debate and dialogue on the fundamental questions. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Castonguay, L. G., & Beutler, L. E. (Eds)(2006). Principles of therapeutic change that work: Integrating relationship, treatment, client, and therapist factors, Vol. I. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Beutler, L. E., & Malik, M. (Eds.)(2002). Rethinking the DSM: Psychological perspectives. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Selected Book Chapters:

Beutler, L. E., Harwood, T. M., Michelson, A., Song, X., & Holman, J. (2011). Resistance/Reactance Level. In Norcross, J. C. (Ed), Relationships that work: Therapist contributions and responsiveness to patient needs (2nd ed.; pp. 261-278). New York: Oxford University Press.

Beutler, L. E., Harwood, T. M., Kimpara, S., Verdirame, D., & Blau, K. (2011). Coping Style. In Norcross, J. C. (Ed). Relationships that work: Therapist Contributions and Responsiveness to Patient Needs (2nd ed; pp. 336-353). New York: Oxford University Press.

Beutler, L. E. (2011). Prescriptive matching and systematic treatment selection. In Norcross, J. C., VandenBos, G. R., & Freedheim, D. K. (Eds), History of Psychotherapy (2nd ed; 402-407). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Selected Articles:

Beutler, L. E.(in press). Welcome to the Party, But….: A response to Laska, Gurman, and Wampold. Psychotherapy.

Beutler, L. E.& Forrester, B. (in press). What needs to change: Moving from “research informed” practice to “empirically effective” practice. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.

Beutler, L. E., Forrester, B., Holt, H., & Stein, M. (2013). Common, specific, and cross-cutting psychotherapy interventions. Psychotherapy: Research and Practice, 50, 298-301.

Holt, H., Beutler, L. E., Castonguay, L. G., Silberschatz, G., Forrester, B., Temkin, R.; Wolf, A. W., Piotrowski, N. A., Hayes, J. A., Norcross, J. N., Goldfried, M., Weiner, I. B., & Miller, T. W. (2013). A critical examination of the movement toward evidence-based treatments in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Clinical Psychologist, 66(4), 8-12.

Beutler, L. E., Forrester, B., Gallagher-Thompson, D., Thompson, L., & Tomlins, J. B. (2012). Common, specific and treatment fit variables in psychotherapy outcome. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 22, 255-281.

Websites and Other Relevant Links:

Larry Beutler on Science and Psychotherapy: An Interview by Hui Qi Tong

Beutler, L. E., Williams, O. B., & Norcross, J. N. (2008). A copyrighted software package for treatment planning.


There is no F in Way he did all this, it's FRAUD! 

They say he held the highest position regarding NATIONAL psychology of Terrorism yet no mention he was even affiliated with the University of Stanford! 

The bio was concocted! 




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