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Update 11/14/2021

I unfollowed David Knight and this is why: 

1. David Knight, what you have even repeatedly said about Hon. Colin Powell proves what a small man you are and you will say anything for a buck! I thought you were part of the solution yet clearly you are part of the Predicted Programming! The WOMD were found in Syria 2014!

2. In 2014, military got the nuke weapons which CIA-funded ISIS were hiding in their occupied HQ in Syria! They used some on the citizens and blamed Assad. What Colin Powell says is KEEP PEACE πŸ•Š️ - This is a nation of liars and you are just saying what your sponsors want! 

Quote Tweet to David Knight Show 

I am devastated that you LIE so boldly about Hon. Colin Powell when he died! You only prove you are no better than MSM, in pay to play schemes! 


Posted 11/11/2021


UPDATE 10/17/2021 




I find it imperative to create a separate blog post due to the Resourceful information by 

4-part Tweet - please read 10/6/2021

<Inserted 6October2021 because of current discoveries on his reporting>

Tweeted to David Knight


1. David Knight: In my effort to find those who are NOT CIA psyops including secret Q'ANON, I have reservations on your reporting. #CorbettReport

@mediamonarchy @truthstreamnews 

@joeimbriano777 @reallygraceful 





2.  There is No Pandemic!  You flip flop with this. You are NOT emphasizing data. Mike Pence said there wasn't anything to worry about! Death rates are NOW being frauded. If you kept up with this research, you would see a consistent behavior of FRAUD. Call them out! 


3.  @XiJimping @gpovanman @KremlinRussia_E  @ElizabethUKRPG - @DavidKnight - you CLAIM China is on verge of going to war with Taiwan. I hope you're not a CIA propagandist! Article: British warship ignores Chinese warnings and sails through Taiwain Strait



4. It may be you're compromised without realizing. Please verify information. I created a blog post with just your name because I was so impressed. Yet I am also adding these tweets for people to take notice. #ChecksAndBalances 

Keeps us free and Truth Prevails. 🍎 


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Words in this color are my words, fYI. My phone battery is at 9% now so That's all for now. See my blog post on Terrorism. There Are 17 Intelligence Agencies in USA. WTF πŸ˜’ Makes no sense. They must be building a POLICE StATE 😑 


     Stay tuned... I'll be back. You can copy the notes for your records, share. 

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ITried, true, and Tested information 




Show: 9/30/2021

America Held Hostage 

Purging on YouTube 

Merger with Corporations 

Steve Malloy, guest 


Accomplished with med shots 

    Trump involved 

Tyranny attacking free speech

20 years - since 9/11 

Lock them down - Dark Winter 

Emergency Vaccination 

    Remember Event 201? 

After Anthrax attack - more laws passed 

Push laws out to the states 

Biden hates individual liberty 

Protections by YouTube? WTF πŸ˜’

David Knight has been kicked off YouTube several times 

    Years ago, he warned the inappropriate conspiracies with China and past Presidents 

We have a lot of individual cases - don't alledge vax's are dangerous, or else😑

People have been damaged by traditional vaccines for years 

They're programming MRNA in our bodies

   No informed consent

Mafia billionaire - distraction! Worldwide dictatorship is the goal! 

Fetal tissue - from aborted babies by NIH, FDA 

    They take them out of LIVE babies! 


Novel Trump shots 


    Fake autism diagnosis - "get a vax!" 

Coronavirus vaccines πŸ˜’ 

YouTube Channels try to discuss it

David Knight mentions his Sandy Hook deposition 

With Wolfgang Halbit 

      Stay tuned for that follow-up

Australia nurses are whistleblowing on Covidocracy

    Where you can find David Knight

Twitter, Gab - may 



Rumble - a little 

Check David Knight's website

Trump says he doesn't want mandates but wants vaccines πŸ˜’

    The Jab 

Causes Septosemia 

Skin cancer 

Bouts of confusion

    And more 

Dr. Mercola was taken off YouTube - banned 

YouTube keeps changing it's policies, never held accountable

Stephan Colbair pushes the vaccines πŸ˜’

Idiocracy - πŸ’° driven 

Advertising tactics discussed

Especially since WW1 

YouTube gets a lot of money pushing vaccines πŸ˜’ 

Mass Protests are resented by Covidocracy

Censorship and Secrecy 

   Not in the interest of Liberty 

     "The Mob" 

Fake journalism - claiming all vax's went through rigorous testing 😳 

They refer to those who appose as AntiVaccine Movement 


Intelligence Agencies are the problem 

     (There are 17 in USA, see my blog on terrorism) 


Jack Dorcy apologies for censoring, yet Chris Kuhn's says there isn't enough! 

They want to shut down antivaxers! 

Richard Blumenthal pushes it alot

Russian Gov wants ...(unsure, I missed what he was saying) 

"When we work with governments" .... 

Russian news media Interfacts - pushes vaccines πŸ˜’ - then Putin is blamed for certain  media pushing COVID

Is there a pattern! 

Russia bans Putin critics 

Germany bans German government critics 

The vaccine mandates are the key to shut down economy

     To collapse, institute Martial Law 


  Technocratic Multinational corporations

Russia is saying THEY could ban YouTube

YouTube is the "Public Square" 

(turning government inside-out) 

Reciprocal Measures is expected to be adopted 

YouTube is an agent for the government

"The Velvet Glove covering the Iron Fist of Tyranny" 

John Stostle

    Criticizes censorship

    He has a lawsuit against Facebook 


Voltaire: "I may despise what you say but I will defend your right to say it" 

Government's purpose is to defend our rights 

Surveillance State 

    DARPA, CIA, NSA, etc

Joe Rogan claims we need to get back to our roots! 

Social media is vested in Venture Capital...they are now using it to serve their agenda. Banning those who appose. 

License To Kill concept. 

    Mike Pompeo criticizes Wiki Leaks - WTF πŸ˜’ 

"We lie, we cheat, we steal -  and we have classes on how to do that" laughs Pompeo

David Knight despises CIA

UC Global SL - bribed by CIA to spy on Julian Assange - eager to put him at Gitmo as a #TargetedPerson 

Young girl was kidnapped by Harvard 

     Sent her father to jail, in psyche unit in prison to suppress communication 

We have two prisons like this AND they're building a Third! 

Operation Northwoods - using lies to incite war, etc 

     Much violence by NATO posing as communists 

Canadian Forces Report 

Referred by David Knight 

 He showed the article 

2020 propaganda agenda established 


12/2/2020 - document "found" - instruments of Tyranny and war = propaganda. Their defense is for shaping, and the like 

 ("To monitor and collect information")


     Media expands their agenda through 




They are closing the loop to aggressively manipulate

Canada denies everything, which is ridiculous

Military Spending and Accountability

Hundreds of thousands of robots were pushing the virus in China 

     The government took them off, but damage was done 

Right-Left paradigm

    Never accept this! 

Russian Publication 

   "Lies about Russia but tells truth about USA"

LA Times claims Religious Exemption should be removed 

    David Knight says "We decide the difference-yiu shut up" 

Anyone who rebels God's authority also rebels the constitution

There's No Pandemic! 

Death rate is not higher than population growth!

Macrotrends net 

"I don't think parents can tell schools what to teach" 

Said ----

Protests are controlled with propaganda oftentimes 

No religious exemptions 

    (Royston Potter is telling people LTC Long won a suit for religious exemption, which is an outright lie. Potter is a secret Q'Anon, psyop agenda run by CIA) 

Common Core 

    School Agenda 🍎

Is depraved! 

You gotta get rid of this idea that kids belong to youπŸ™ƒ 

1980's lawsuit in Massachusetts - parent files suit, loses. Judge ruled "When you take your child to school, you abandon your right to parenting" 

Conservatism Mindset 

    Will not get rid of institutions

Romans 13

1st Peter 2 

Parental control of schools has has always been an illusion πŸ˜’ 

Romney says "I don't think parents should tell teachers what to teach" 

    Not as bad as McAuliff, but not good! 

Critical Waste Theory - being taught (controversial) 

Harry Belefonte said, We never knew who this guy was (I think referring to Obama) 

Government says: if you don't like it, teach your kids yourself


Our need to having a relationship with God, our Creator 

King David:  crippled man story - he rebelled against King David; King David considered the source, tolerated it. 

Value of time - not eternal as far as secular concept goes 


     Who Homeschools 

9.7 % white, 12 % white, 16% black families 

Homeschoolers should UNITE 

Achievement delays caused by COVIDOCRACY

Alaska 18% 

CA 19.2% 

    Other states mentioned were over 15% 

    True or Fake? 

     If fake, to use as reverse psychology FOR the trans community? πŸ˜’ 

3yr old girl was sexually assaulted by 12 yr old girl 

    $27 million lawsuit 

(2+7=9 so this may be a fake case to use to deceive the public and the attorney is in on it. The satanists love to use certain Gematria numbers) 

NYC is firing nurses, banning church services yet leave 269 brothels open πŸ‘ during Quarantine 

This is at about 90min point of the show

Listeners letters are read 

LTC Theresa Long - lol, this is what Roy Potter pushes as Her being the plaintiff on a case - SHE'S NOT! She's an expert witness. The case was not won, like he says. It was just entered. Defendant hadn't even responded yet. Is it even in the proper court, in Colorado? 

    Her Letter mentions dangers of COVID 19 vaccines 

People who tell the truth are punished. 

Story of Isabella - died from the vaccine. Her father is an attorney. 

    (Did they deliberately do that to get the father to sue USGov, which increases chance of economic bubble bursting?) 

Blood clots, bleeding of the brain - death of another victim! 

Investigations are dismissed 

Pfizer vax - boy loses eyesight from blood clots 

13 yr old French boy was blinded - corneal thrombosis 

Girl dies 

Boy dies in Greece 

Girl dies in Italy



The risk factor of the Jab is suppressed! 

More notes to come.. show isn't over. I'm still watching 🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑

Biden Faked the public shot on TV! 

   David Knight shows proof 

"The Emergency BS System" 

Booster Billions 


Booster Millions story 

- uses humor 

Rich Uncle Sam - played up by Donald Trump 

Boosters are expected to profit Pfizer and Maderna alone - $26 BILLION each! 

Why does USA want to dish out all this money? Faking their opposition to 

  Crony Capitalism

"The End Justifies The Means" 

People who are skeptical are labeled as crazy 

Break ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .

Steve Malloy of junkscience.com 

Will be on ... 


 Steve Malloy of junkscience.com 

Will be on ... 


Book: Scare Pollution by Steve Malloy 

    Available on 


"President Trump was great but many in his administration were reckless" says Malloy 


Listen to the podcast to verify my impression - frankly my impression of him went from 100 to Zero because of that statement. Understand the money flow #PayToPlay - don't feed the bad wolf! 

Listen and decide for yourself 🧑 

Book emphasizes frauding the public 

EPA claims dust, soot in the air 

   Secret human experiments 

   Poisoning people? 

    EXPOSED, ended 

N95 masks - fake to catch the COVID germs 

More propaganda about deaths mentioned...

It's total fraud 😟  They want the vaccines to harm people! 



 is aligned with David Knight reporting. 


 also provides great insight using his flare/talent (James Evan Palotto)

<Inserted notes> 

Biden Faked the public shot on TV! 

   David Knight shows proof 

"The Emergency BS System" 

Booster Billions 


Booster Millions story 

- uses humor 

Rich Uncle Sam - played up by Donald Trump 

Boosters are expected to profit Pfizer and Maderna alone - $26 BILLION each! 

Why does USA want to dish out all this money? Faking their opposition to 

  Crony Capitalism

"The End Justifies The Means" 

People who are skeptical are labeled as crazy 

Break ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .

Steve Malloy of junkscience.com 

Will be on ... 

< Looks like repeated info. My battery is at 23% so I will fix this later> 

    Whining politicians, fake stories, plan to increase govt control 

Banning coal to cut off trade with USA - "Hey, US, you bitch about coal being dangerous? Fine, we won't sell you anymore!" 


DAVOS - created to develop this Economy Utopia 

Fed Government wants to control your public utilities usage. 

Every politician is going along with this agenda! 

Mitch McConnell could have shut entire 



    (Obama lied to Iran - everything was fake - even getting Kerry's daughter to marry the son of the Iran Deal Negotiator - his son should get an annulment, in my opinion! He's living a lie, expert as a brain cancer doctor - and Joe Biden III , aka Beau, allegedly died of brain cancer!) Is that son in law actually under mind control now - completely compromised? 

junk science.com article 

    Claim: air pollution causes deaths - 

"particulate matter" 


Factory breakdowns poisoning the air - so they are lying about CLIMATE CHANGE 

"Al White fights EPA"

They single out people 

To use as examples 

Court didn't want to put a temporary injunction on them. 

Malloy dropped a bomb in the last segment, about Trump being great but his cabinet was reckless...

 Trump fired great people! He hired like-minded crooks in his cabinet, administration! 

Debt Limit Threshold 

    Inflation pressures 

Desire to Shut Down Government! 

Dallas - Fed President trying to cover up everything

Pelosi still active with INSIDER TRADING


Conflict Of Interest 

All very active! 😟 

Outsiders never can be a candidate for presidency. 

USA has become global loan sharks 

Alex Lazar 

Scott Gotlieb 

Protecting Privacy Rights? 

Fake effort by Senate? 

Financial Liberty supported by Senate? 

Real Hidden Agenda? 

Digital Cash System 

Income Tax was not intended as what it is used today 

The Great Resignation

    Mass Resignations 

    Eric Blackwell claims massive Resignations in schools because they won't be vaxed. 

OSHA pushes Unconstitutional Law!

$700 Fine for those who violate UNCONSTITUTIONAL vaccine mandate? 

   Obviously to pay for the fraud! 

Husband of NYC nurse in court - class action against NYC? Not sure 

This country has become an EAST GERMAN brutality 

Biden is Manufacturing a GREAT DEPRESSION! 

2hrs 47min on this podcast - only a few minutes left 


Pandemic 2019

   They say the same thing as when an alleged epidemic was claimed in the past  - shortages of beds, etc

Recycling Agenda 


New Hampsire's

 Free State Project

    They need more residents to achieve that 

Jab Biden  

   #PayToPlay to promote the fake agenda 

    Seeking to shut down hospitals that are successful and refuse to administer vaccines πŸ˜’ .

Natural Immunity


National Immunity 

Vaccines are better than Natural Immunity but 

National Immunity is better than vaccine .... 

(Verify what David Knight said here) 



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