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I'm impressed. He's spot on with his delivery - regarding extra app features and what to do on iPhone, Google phone, others 


     But - recently I realized @Libertytarian flipflops when it comes to Coronavirus - COVID-Wuhan-COVID-SARS ....update 10/12/2021... I'm listening to David Knight now...and will post notes on the blog post I made with his name 


     Real Science does not change scientific names entered in its data! 

    The bioweapon created was poison made in North Carolina lab - just like the Spanish Flu. 

    It is obvious to me it was intercepted by intelligence, replaced with a placebo - Coronavirus - which Bill Gates changed to COVID-19 to make it more mysterious, 19 years after 9/11 - pretty much framing themselves as part of the #September11 planners and conspirators, surmises James Corbett of corbettreport.com 

And check out 

James with mediamonarchy.com 



(Twitter isn't pulling up your acct to tap on, FYI)  reports  #Alert Deep large Earthquake 2Oct2021 #SunriseCT 






It's funny how the #ClintonCrimeSyndicate sold so many illegal weapons with help of CIA and nobody gave a s*it about that. Including inciting the Iran-Iraq war @HassanRouhani 

Quick Tips #HaveAPlan #BePrepared @Dutchsinse @truthstreamnews






Explains the interesting history of coffee in USA. 



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Tweeted to David Knight


1. David Knight: In my effort to find those who are NOT CIA psyops including secret Q'ANON, I have reservations on your reporting. #CorbettReport

@mediamonarchy @truthstreamnews 

@joeimbriano777 @reallygraceful 





2.  There is No Pandemic!  You flip flop with this. You are NOT emphasizing data. Mike Pence said there wasn't anything to worry about! Death rates are NOW being frauded. If you kept up with this research, you would see a consistent behavior of FRAUD. Call them out! 


3.  @XiJimping @gpovanman @KremlinRussia_E  @ElizabethUKRPG - @DavidKnight - you CLAIM China is on verge of going to war with Taiwan. I hope you're not a CIA propagandist! Article: British warship ignores Chinese warnings and sails through Taiwain Strait



4. It may be you're compromised without realizing. Please verify information. I created a blog post with just your name because I was so impressed. Yet I am also adding these tweets for people to take notice. #ChecksAndBalances 

Keeps us free and Truth Prevails. 🍎 


    Juan Browne , expert Pilot 

#BlancolirioReport  shares plane incident. Nobody died. "Stupidity may have been a factor, not the weather." .. Other breaking news. #KeepYourEyesOnTheSkies 


      Jake Morphonios 

     Blackstone Intelligence

     Earthquake In Haiti - September 2021 

I forgot  to add the link! Hopefully I'll remember to correct this...

My comment: 

Dutchsinse"s detailed report 8/22/2021 

Struggle with USGS inept data 

Volcano eruptions (re: Michael Volcano" is puzzling) 

Deception by Sociopathic Technocrats 

  At 10min 12 sec - Haiti earthquake is mentioned 

New 7 just hit at 10min 58sec - USGS immediately downgraded

"Michael Volcano" mentioned again. .. this earthquake is actually a 7.2 (13:06) Tsunami is usually what follows.   Location of that earthquake is Southeast tip of Antarctica. Eruptions (17min - several locations) Western CO had an earthquake....Paradox, Bedrock.  At 19:34 he mentions Haiti as a  TARGET ("completely devestated Haiti") ....and thereafter should transfer to East of Haiti....At 25 min: "What happens when you pump more energy in?" ... concentric waves from the Earth's core, "seismic engine",  which is constantly vibrating like a base drum...at 26:22 he brings up Indonesia earthquake.  Equal spacing of earthquakes - reflects a most likely even larger centralized quake. Energy gets trapped in some areas, also mentioned. 



FYI, if you watch the video, update: Dutchsinse was able to get off the grid because his electricity gets turned off systematically. Response was that strong in just a month, because his reporting is that good. 

FYI, he issued alerts on 10/2...may interest you.  

     My response to another comment:  @skyson b pei  Obama bombed Afghanistan so many times, the military literally ran out of bombs! Afghanistan is bullied. 

Lavena Johnson, from St. Louis, MO,  put college on hold to serve her country in Afghanistan. Apparently she realized the truth. Right in her barracks,  she was raped, tortured, shot in the head by a rifle - and Obama said she committed suicide! Lavena's father was/is a medical doctor. He thoroughly examined her body, which took a long time for him to get! This is when he realized how she was MURDERED. An obvious CIA hit! 

    Third comment: ALL Assistance to HAITI should be paid for by the Criminal Clintons! They have done so much damage to that country! Including getting millions, Maybe billions of USD in AID to the Clinton Foundation - and they partially finished jobs, sex trafficked orphans, keeping most of the government money to themselves! 

Jake Morphonios

#SunriseCT ALL Assistance to HAITI sb paid for by Criminal Clintons! They did so much damage to that country! Including getting at least millions of USD in AID to Clinton Foundation - they partially finished jobs, sex trafficked orphans,kept most gov πŸ’°! 


Say what you will about @netanyahu

My opinion is he gave his all to serve Israel and the fact he was nefariously pushed out is proof he's not part of the evil insiders #Illuminati

#SecretSocieties Jake Morphonios shares shameful facts about #Afghanistan  https://youtu.be/UD5Q9BrZv48 

    Comment: What troubles me about the use of the word Zionism - is the twisted meaning from its original application in the Bible. It brings confusion in public communication. 

This is a prior circumstance, yet it is my impression, they wedged Jake as a social tool to make Biden look like he's a victim. How about determining like I did that Biden, who was cheating on his wife in 1972 - deliberately aligned himself with mafia - and they promised to rig the election if he was willing to "sacrifice" his family - to collect life insurance and pay the mafia off? She was obviously poisoned and as she felt it working, had the boys unlatch their seatbelts and curl up under the seat! Biden lies about one landing on his wife and one landing on the baby! WTF πŸ˜’

I created a blog post with several useful resources - it was taken down! He's as guilty as hell! The only Presidents this country puts in office, excluding Jimmy Carter - which they seated for image-sake-- are traitors to this country!  

The traitor who ousted netanyahu is probably continuing that housing project, unless it was fully justified, which is withheld from society - so he can be labeled a hero for stopping it. WTF

It's constant psyopping! 

Jake reported 5 months before Trump torched Paradise, CA with laser weapons, including mass murder by burning people alive to ashes - that Trump purchased tons of laser weapons, yet Jake wouldn't say anything about that when Paradise CA was torched - because the depraved politicians will even kill people who expose them! Trump's uncle, John G Trump, made laser weapons for black operatives, especially CIA, his whole career! 

But if Jake put two and two together, he'd be doomed by these crooks who have no right to run the country - who caused the September 11 Attack and much more! 

Jake Morphonios reports that Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized the construction of 800 more homes in illegal settlements in the West Bank, Palestine. This provocative move creates a diplomatic challenge for the incoming Biden administration. Jake also discusses the role of Baron Edmund de Rothschild in the Jewish colonization of Palestine.


22min video recent upload by @BlackstoneIntelligen #JakeMorphonios  

On Yale's Skull & Bones Society. Want more? Watch @truthstreamnews video 

On 100 Secret Societies in USA - what damage they do to society, government 


Impressive #WeMustRestore project - Apartment Complex 

@LTHomestead @bethejuggernaut #TheJuggernaut 

will be impressed, I bet! 🧑 Thank you for sharing, @KristenDirksen - another dimension to 




TODAY IS President Vladimir Putin's birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ 



This blog combines  all my blogs in the TOC with links 

Copy, share what you want. Make it your own statements. #IDontKnowNothin 

 Thunder Flower


Don't Follow Morons who use AI to communicate! 

     @LawsonWalsh2 Your use of Artificial Intelligence to communicate DM's is hogwash. That goes for anyone else who does that. Sending me "hi, how are you" only when it knows I am on my phone - it's none of your business when I'm on my phone! @TMobile @truthstreamnews @mediamonarchy 

My rant on Fallon Tonight's Video... because I know they care ❤️πŸ’œ


Trump got his minions to infest those against his criminal ops - with maggots! It happened time and time again - and he did it to my apartment too....how did they get in? The Patriot Act TWISTED like hell. ..since JoeBlob's recommended Antiterrorism Act which was resurrected from 1995 (OK City Bombing) was flopped on  Congressman Sensenvrenner's desk - he didn't approve. He wrote this Act, which GW Bush changed to The Patriot Act. It was also amended to ensure no moron could burglarize homes - they had to have a warrant! They had to ISSUE a warrant! Congressman Sensenbrenner's wife died during the quarantine 2020 - and I think they had been poisoning her and medically murdered her! That's just how depraved I consider Washington DC to be. Those who serve honorably are in danger 24/7 







Make America Grated like Cheese Again #SunriseCT  #TrumptyDumpty 


Posted 10/7/2021 

I'm going to create a new blog post, COAST GUARD - this is why: 

Is the Coast-toast? 

RESEARCHERS, Please dive into this! 


URGENT. #Containergeddon How does #USCoastGuard fit in this? #SandyHook Lighthouse in NJ. Nobody died at #SandyHookSchoolShooting - Obama cheated over $1Trillion from the economy! Erected hundreds of Transgender clinics in 2013 and more! 


FYI, these blog posts are ad-free, not monitized. Copy what you want. Make it your own information. https://thunderflower2021.blogspot.com/2021/10/table-of-contents.html?m=1 

   I suggest you take a look at Lance Clusters' subscriptions on his channel and subscribe to as many as you can. (ChrisFix - I hope networks with Scotty Kilmer. Good people, like-minded, will change the world FOR GOOD)  

Comment by Lance Cluster: Amazon has already gotten into the air freight business. First leasing planes, then buying some used 767's. They have also become a minority owner in Air Transport Services Group, an Airline Leasing Company and also holds warrants to acquire a minority stake in Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings , the parent company of Atlas Air (a large air freight company) Amazon Leasing Ships should not really be a big surprise. 


Dr.John Bergman
Extreme Health Academy
    Video is cut off on YouTube...continues somewhere else.
🟩Why chiropractor #JohnBergman isn't a doctor🟩

Standup comedy with Jimmy on @FallonTonight Last Night 10/12/2021

@Falconry Talk with Belle the Harris Hawk - she catches a pigeon. First time ever

Spain's Queen funded Columbus before that. He #RanOutOfGas πŸ™ƒπŸ˜†
#SebastianElcano finished Magellan's global voyage. First one to go #AroundTheWorld with only 18 men left, out of 271 says @history_yt
#Spain #Phillipines #Portugal

Posted 10/13/2021

  Coast Guard, US Customs

Update on #InternationalShipping #ChristmasIsCancelled?

Hugh Laurie
New Orleans history and it's 🎡 music 🎡🎢🎡🎢 Enjoy! About 1hr video

SciShow channel
Mountains that are formed from bubbles keep growing πŸ’— He says this about #Adirondacks in Upstate NY at 15-20 min on video

Christmas may be cancelled because of a broken supply chain. 🚒

Maybe #FeedingMyPetSeagul would like some of that squid πŸ™πŸ¦‘πŸ™πŸ¦‘πŸ™πŸ¦‘

So how's that working out for ya? #ResponsibilityMatters #September11 was Americans mass murdering Americans - look it up on this alphabetized list, incl Robert Snogres. BTW I'm Christian.

Bushcraft Bear
5min video tells you the air quality is bad and shows it but no instructions. #LaPalma

#LuisSalazar plays The Sound Of Silence πŸ’œ❤️ πŸ™ @wuauquikunaoff1

By @history_yt
I never heard of him. What a great story - they should make a movie on his life.

Warm up gardening and more for the holidays πŸŽ„⛄ πŸ™πŸ˜Š with @PAllenSmith

My tweet was deleted. Plus internet was disconnected on my phone AFTER I was helpedπŸ˜” @TMobile #1 Thank you #Angel2021 #Phillipines I knew it was AI, not the phone. Look for separate#2 tweet ♥️

@TMobile @TMobile #2 Thank you #Angel2021 #Phillipines I shared video in #1 bc I DID use text on my videos but that was changed too. Many things were changed w/o my permission after going to that store. Now my tablet won't even turn on or charge!

3. Why did my tablet just stop working? OMG This is a brand new charger and still works on my phone. This is more AI crooked activity, I bet! See what I mean about it listens and is programmed to react, all against my permission? You have a great attitude. Charles Swindol Quote. 

4. ..The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have,
and that is our attitude.
I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90%
And so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitudes.❤️❤️ https://thunderflower2021.blogspot.com/2021/10/table-of-contents.html?m=1

@gpovanman - I think of this cartoon and wonder if Russian Boris and Natasha were characters to mirror Boris Yeltsin and his wife or another woman.
    Documentary on Boris Yeltsin, The Making of a leader.

Who is the real enemy? THEY were their worst enemy! The Japanese were bringing in thousands of abused Jewish families bc of NAZIs. They were both enemies &allies to NAZIs like  US was. WW2 was WTF War.

#SunriseCT Incase anyone else has to #FightForYourRights bc of  corrupted US government that rewards traitors: anchor.fm/terra-cotta 

     Dr. John Bergman
Thank God I'm a gauntry boy🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢 ee-ha! πŸ„ 🐴 🐎 #COVID19

Combined blog posts are here

@TheCommittee300 - Incase ppl don't realize, the book titled Committee Of 300 is written by a psyched up CIA psyop - and the freaking book doesn't even come close to listing the 300! #WhiteRoseSociety was anti-NAZI ♥️
@islasfight WHAT ISNT RARE is, DOCTORS LIE! So I pray πŸ™ your parents got at least a second opinion bc cancer meds CAUSE cancer ♋ #KnowTheEnemy

Part 4 of raising chickens - by @Diamondthedave
Parts 1-3 are provided in video description. Only about 10min each. Very thorough! @LTHomestead
#TinyHomes #OffGridLiving
#Farming #organicfarming

Reports on #LaPalma volcano πŸŒ‹ on Monday 18October2021

@wuauquikunaoff1 - I hope you can share with Happy Suzuki how the Japanese issued visas to persecuted Jews, yet ironically we're allies with NAZIs #WarMakesNoSense #ChiuneSugihara
By @history_yt
Copy: @Scottymechanic

Posted 18October2021

Tweeted and Tooted 4 U ...
   and You, and You, and You.. ❤️
Oooo - baby, my fangs are dripping with my happy spit - you give my roots the foxtrots...πŸ˜³πŸ€—πŸ’œ❤️πŸ’œ❤️πŸ’œ❤️ 

Posted 18October2021 

I know they murdered you under the guise of COVID..yet even people who claim #NoPandemic are almost celebrating his death! The depravity never ends! 

I had a lousy day fighting corruption. Now to find out our biggest hero & friend died. I'm crushed! There were WOMD by CIA asset Sadam Hussein! GHW Bush pd mercenary crime syndicate, to hide them in Syria! GW Bush kept the BS going #FailedIntelligence  #massmurdering #Sep11! 

BLOCK @PublicEnemyFTP 
& you'll rest in ignorance, moron! I met Colin Powell! He asked me who I voted for and I said "Not Bush.He wants war" Hon. Powell said "That's okay!" Stop following #FashionedIntelligence He kept serving AND protecting USA! We didn't have war until he quit as Secretary Of State! 

    Al Jezeera LIARS! 
Colin Powell didn't want war! That's why he's a hero! Saddam Hussein you f*king liar, was a CIA asset, and the womd were found in Syria in 2014, Placed in a multi ton container and sunk on a retired navy ship! You're f*king liars! He didn't want the Gulf War. He suspected Bush was interfering, which he was! Bushes, Clinton's, et al would have murdered him if he became President! 

Colin Powell wasn't a member of the f*king secret societies like Bushes! Bill Clinton was his illegitimate son,among older than GW Bush - that's why he wasn't named junior! The media are 80% lies!  

 @lightfighter25TH  Condoleeza Rice wasn't following the Powell Doctrine! She was breaking laws to passsify Bush, including covering up September 11. Colin Powell quit because knew Americans mass murdered Americans! He was nervous about being Chief Of Staff because they knew they could USE him for war and make shitloads of money! He didn't want war! Vietnam was a corrupted, rigged military sacrifice to make money off the Military Industrial Complex! USA has been inciting war since DAY 1! The British were NOT coming! That was a lie! The Secret Society American Freemasons were inciting war. Benjamin Franklin had it all pegged out. Franklin was a depraved polygamist, a liar, a FRAUD! 

Posted 10/19/2021 


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