<Imsert> 11/10/2021 Commentary by CCNY Colin Powell School Dean Andrew Rich - providing some links of special events. 

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 πŸ’œ Colin Powell 

    πŸ’œ  Colin Powell American Hero

          ❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² America's Promise

             πŸ’œRIP Colin Powell 

             Interview with Hon. Colin Powell - Leadership For a more perfect union: 

One hour discussion with Harvard student educators.... 

13 Rules Of Leadership 


Honors Colin Powell, 2012
Married 50 years

The bottom line is, my opinion, if Colin Powell was President, he would have been murdered by the Secret Society - organized crime - that  "own" Washington DC.

        Colin Powell has had to do a lot of embellishing to represent and present our government and the better side of Foreign Policy - which only existed because he took part in it. 

National Museum Of American Treasures
Provide The Great American Medal to Colin Powell
Colin Powell had an untimely death - am so filled with sorrow for his family. So many loved him to bits! Despite the secret tactics by Bushes and others, he brought integrity to the Whitehouse. They jerked him around because many soldiers loved him and wanted him to run for President. He isn't a secret society member like all the others were. They got Jimmy Carter to join yet he never took it seriously. Jimmy Carter was President because it gave democrats a nice image. Meantime they run an organized crime, and several Republicans were involved as well. Bill Clinton is half brother to GW Bush, which is why GW wasn't made a junior. I'm convinced based on information passed on to me through social media Obama's real father is probably Malcolm X. Ann Dunham went to the UN instead of registering for classes in Hawaii, so she was late registering. Cult leader Malcolm X, of Nation Of Islam - which the Muslim Brotherhood refused to recognize.

Hon. Powell was in Peru when September 11 occurred. Another "cat's away, nice will play." Richard Armitage was appointed by NOT by Colin Powell, but GW Bush.

Colin Powell was amazingly devoted covered for the Whitehouse, yet was sabatoged by the Whitehouse! Bush got his CIA-paid mercenaries to take Saddam Hussein's factory down and take the WOMD to Syria

Colin Powell carefully dodged the issues regarding Bushes being traitors. Because he didn't feed into their disloyalty.

The WOMD we're found in 2014 - and placed on a multi ton sealed container, and sunk on a navy ship - so this conversation is obviously dated incorrectly. Or, possibly Colin Powell just didn't want to go into it - since Obama even told Media not to report it! Colin Powell was only given a few minutes on Public TV to report this amazing feat!

We've had jackasses as Presidents! War with Middle East was staved off - until Colin Powell left.

It's not easy at the top! Colin Powell really had a most difficult career, yet gladly did to make our country, our government work.


A Confederacy of Dumpty's
25 American scoundrels -
Is just the tip of the iceberg, if you ask me!


 The Aspen Institute has a "book talk" with Colin Powell approx 9 yrs ago


National Portrait Gallery presents Colin Powell's portrait, 45min 


One hr w #ColinPowell - on his autobiography. Note, Reagan ordered him to leave his command as General of 60,000 troops in Soviet Union. He & Bush resented Colin Powell befriending Russians. THEY WANTED WAR. Colin Powell wanted peace! Proverbs 11. 


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     This  blog titled Colin Powell was altered! I can read it but can't access it! I never said "If they posture themselves as stronger than USA" ...

       11/6/2021: I hope I fixed that. This blog post is cleaned up. I didn't mean to add me, me, me. I just had many stressors yet was anxious to give Colin Powell the honor he deserves. Most of all, it's so hard to hold back tears. 

Thank you, Powell Family - you hold great value in my heart. ❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ’œ

My condolences to the Powell Family, friends, relatives. 

'I know' the  COVIDOCRACY murdered him. Colin Powell lived The Truth; they sleezed like snakes, abusing power. 

There is no pandemic. These depraved sociopaths have tried to murder him many times.They tried to murder his son, Captain Michael Powell, obviously disabling the brakes on his Jeep when he was stationed in Germany in the army. His driver lost control and they fell down a huge ravine! When I met Colin Powell, his son Michael had already had 14 operations. He improved with each day 🧑 with family support, encouragement from friends and relatives.

Michael Powell is a hero too!

This country has a very, very evil secret group of organized crime doing all they can to take over the government! That's why Colin Powell kept serving and protecting! 

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THERE WERE WOMD, you idiots! Found in 2014!
This country is run by depraved sociopaths - organized crime!


Great Americans - Colin Powell Tribute 

National Museum Of American History 


He obviously quit as Secretary Of State because he knew Bush took part in the mass murder of American September 11. Practicing for this mass murder with his secret society friends, passing it off as a Satanic Ritual! 

To those who allow themselves to be puppets:    Stop being shills, please! LEARN THE TRUTH! 



       Secretary Of State doesn't even save his speech SUPPOSEDLY in honor of Colin Powell:

My comment


And no doubt Richard Armitage, whose verbal tribute at the service was 1 on a scale of 1-10. At least he articulated his name right - cared nothing about carrying out The Powell Doctrine because he wanted to please Bush and his half illegitimate brother Bill Clinton! 

Colin Powell American Hero

Colin Powell

Interview with Hon. Colin Powell - Leadership For a more perfect union: 

RIP Colin Powell 

America's Promise 


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