Whats Wrong With Internet


1Terra. TECHNOCRATS REMOVE & FRAUD complaints, rather than address them! Block adding more pics!
2Terra. Gmail "updates' aren't uniform, #AcrossTheBoard-they #FitWhims #TargetPeople . Updates "needed" on one device I DON'T SINC yet same acct works on another-WTF!

This time, I was able to add 2 pics, wasn't blocked

3Terra. Gmail "updates" are nefarious  #EverybodysDoingIt - targeting people, calling them updates, causing 'buffering' so they can nefariously trespass on our Own Devices, which we pay for, rather than #provideAservice as they ought! @sundarpichai @bobforgovernor

#NoSolutions when @Twitter Targets me to lock my account for #nodamnreason & changes my phone password!
I took another picture:
"Siri suggested this number"
WTF - it's gone! Violate privacy on $1,000 phone and accessories  #YouCanTrustUs - and @TMobile  #ToTheRescue

@TMobile @truthstreamnews @reallygraceful
#WhatsWrongWithInternet - you now have to copy your files on clipboard just to copy them elsewhere, rather than drag, release. Clipboard obviously has subapps to SNATCH our data!

Posted 10/31/2021 

I don't have a fax! I have a scanner that could be used as a fax only if it has a line phone to attach - Canon even says they won't even support this scanner, which is BS. I bought it. My Dell laptop was destroyed by a cyber attack by US Tech, which an obvious CIA front named Phoenix played Devil's Chessboard with!
I had IOLO.com for my computer service! Phoenix claimed they owned Iolo and could force me to use US Tech - which lied about their HQ location being in San Francisco! I told them to go pound salt! That's when they destroyed my computer! 

I only have an HP black and white printer which works very well. 

The Technocrats are depraved sociopaths and pay off politicians! 

I only have ONE printer - so who the hell added all this shit, which I can't delete? #NoTresspassing! #ItsMyDevice #WhatsWrongWithInternet Spineless Technocrats help depraved politicians #USAisNotFree! #Superimperialism

They keep deleting my notes Here! 

Someone accessed my Twitter account from a Chromebook....

All I can do is tell the agent I keep in touch with. 

It may be a trick by Twitter because if I Click WHERE they say "change password" they will probably copy my password! 

I recently added Twitter to a phone - and After I successfully did that, my phone password was changed! 

They wanted me to "click here" to change the password and I wouldn't! Who changed it? 

My security was compromised. 


I have one more picture... I'm posting pictures I took. I hope it makes some sense so you can apply to your own lives. 

My Twitter account was Trumpet Flowers ...so now Twitter changes it to confuse people and keep them from following, obviously! 



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