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It's always nice if you can rely on a good attorney.... nevertheless, DEFEND YOURSELF in court, in life. Don't give up. 

If you get pushed, push back if they don't stop. 

Truth prevails.  anchor fm/terra-cotta 

        JOIN USCCA - support gun rights 

I don't even use a gun. But I'm a member and support gun rights. Not everyone is meant to use a gun. Decide for yourself. Understand that the gun is your opportunity to DEFEND when necessary. Nothing more. 

Next, you may notice that things are ramping up socially.  Like he says in the video, in Discussion," No. 5, your car could be vandalize, someone may throw rocks at you, etc etc. 


1. @USCCA - Big SAUR Academy #TacticalTraining #NewHampshire 

2. Mike with @MJsFirearms

in Illinois talks to #KevinMcKlowski of @USCCA

When he had to defend himself. Injured gunman kept shooting, and he was shot again in a more fatal area; died 3 days later. 

3. Keep a round in the chamber when you #ConcealAndCarry #ItJustMakesSense by @USCCA

    a. Speaking of Isreali Method - Benjamin Netanyahu lost his brother while he was a Military officer, saving hijacked passengers in Turkey. He was shot by a hijacker.  

     His last name is spelled Michalowski...oops 😬



4.  Kevin McLowski opens comments with this short 3min video on a real attempted armed robbery at a store. 

5.  Ask an attorney discussion by #DeltaDefense @USCCA

When you have to defend yourself #ConcealAndCarry 

The sociopaths who have power want to divide and conquer. 

Posted 11/11/2021 


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