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This a most unpleasant yet necessary activity in society to continue to expose 

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    Men who were sex victims as boys

1 1/2 hr video 

I have many notes here. Yet Blogger is letting a cyber criminal alter some of my blogposts!

Sex Trafficking

Satanic Ritual

Interviewed: John Philpott 1979  

#CIA are the largest #SexCult #SexTraffickers #ChildAbductors in the world!

NOTES On #SatanicRitual #SexTrafficking  #ChildTrafficking

First 50 minutes: 
The notes are missing from the post! I add them in again, someone removed them! 
The blogpost has many notes yet it is changed by someone! 

Revised notes on this video
Names in documentary
I thought witness is a child abductor, but I think it was just a bad first impression. 
      Tom Peilpott: I've been studying this phenomenon since 1979 (he's  probably a secret society member! Decide for yourselves)
      "Most Predators are NOT gay. They consider it exotic and forbidden"
     "The main institutions of society, THE ELITE, are involved - not mafia. New Orleans Boys Boyscout political posts...senators,  congressmen....Robert Bauman (arrested 1980-kept secret he was a paedophile....William F Buckley, close friend (yet said Bauman should resign WHEN he was exposed: BAuman just went through alcohol abuse treatment as a cover) William Wyatt (raped a boy), Representative Henson of Mississippi (charges dropped. Went through alcohol abuse treatment) Legislators - Congressmen - Senators ... High-powered professions (Medicine, Law included)
" Gaycee" - had sex with 1500  boys. MADE 33 captives and killed them.

   Women (gay or straight) are not known to be paedophiles  - the word PAEDOPHILE  is never used in this documentary....

     Law Professor in Washington DC : "Children do it for money" apparently a police chief agreed to that as well
   Presidents Commission on Obscenity (Nixon apparently was against one)
    Boys hussle more than women
    Abuse of boy in halfway house
Robert Anderson was an agent, abused boys and used muscle relaxants on them

Boys Homes - established to prostitute boys (Dallas, Houston - very common. Fr Bruce Ritter  started Covenant House in NYC - a CLEAN Boys' home but was accused of being a child trafficking org, to distract public)
Reagan, Bush - alluded the boys were asking for it ...quotes from media helped push the Reagan-Bush agenda..child pornography ignored....

Filmmaker sold child porn - even child was  murdered - not prosecuted yet

Illegal books like "Boy Scout Sex Manual"

Jimmy in Houston 12 yrs
   Parents  were partiers, died but no mention who takes care of the boys.
Wayne Hanley Jt

"BOYS FOR SALE"  documentary Channel 11

Alternate Views News Magazine

Fr. Jack McGinness

   They sell/rent children
    Mafia relies on sex trafficking as a main business
    Senate and House STOPPED investigations.
Dept of HUMAN RESOURCES, DALLAS (Parker) was asked to step down - known paedophile
     Parker used psychiatrists to cover for him "rehabilitation " then returned to work
    Robin Lloyd says the boys that get into this want adult affection
   Boys get beaten, robbed, murdered,  etc

Other videos with Tom Philpott are on a change of subject: nutrition,  water

Tom Philpott wrote: Perilous Bounty; the looming farm - food shortage - what we can do to prevent it. 


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